Managing your Back Pain At Home

You are not the only one thinking this if you woke up today and felt your back pain. About one in five Americans reports having experienced back pain at least once during the previous month.

Should you visit the doctor? Not necessarily. Low back pain usually resolves itself within four to six weeks with or without treatment. Many times, your lower back pain can be managed at home.

You need to be aware of when you can't handle your back pain on your own. Seek medical attention if you experience severe back pain or any combination of these symptoms.

A severe injury that makes you unable to walk or use your bed at night.

You should first rest your back. It doesn't have to be weeks of rest as once believed. Jae Jung MD is an associate professor of Orthopaedics at The David Geffen School of Medical at University of California-Los Angeles.

Jung recommends that you rest your back for 48 hours following an injury, or after experiencing significant pain. Then, gradually increase your level of activity. It can ease stiffness and pain by getting up as soon as you feel the spasms or sharp pains have subsided.

Use heat or ice to reduce inflammation and swelling in the low back. While heat has been proven to be more helpful than ice for low back pain relief, some studies suggest that heat can also help.

The heat works by dilation of blood vessels. It increases oxygen flow to the area and decreases muscle spasms. By decreasing blood vessel size, cold can reduce blood flow. It may also reduce inflammation. While it might feel uncomfortable at first, this can reduce deep pain.

There are many options for heating, such as disposable heat wraps and heating pads. Jung says that it is just as simple to freeze vegetables from a frozen package than to purchase a pre-made ice pack. If you are really hurting, you can still get the ice off your back.

People with low back pain can benefit from over-the-counter pain relief medications such as acetaminophen or Tylenol. It is not clear whether NSAIDs or acetaminophen are better.

You might find it easier to make an informed decision about the possible side effects of medicines.

Side effects include gastrointestinal problems as well as kidney problems. Acetaminophen can primarily cause liver damage. To cause damage, it is necessary to consume large amounts of medication over a prolonged period.

Topical creams or gels with ingredients such as capsaicin and salicylate and camphor may also be helpful in relieving pain. This includes products like Aspercreme and Zostrix, Bengay and Icy Hot.

While no particular exercises are proven to relieve back pain particularly well, it is essential that people suffering from back pain exercise regularly to keep their mobility.

You can start with an easy exercise program if your past physical therapy experience is helpful. You can talk to your doctor for guidance or ask a physical therapist.

You may be asked by a physical therapist to do some exercises that help increase the distance between vertebrae. This will reduce nerve pressure. You may also find it beneficial to do abdominal exercises and stretching your hips and back muscles. To reduce stiffness, increase mobility and ease stiffness, you can also stretch. Aerobic exercise may also be recommended for your overall health and fitness.

Extension exercises that require you to bend backward, such as leg lifts or leg extensions may be done. This exercise may reduce radiating pain. To reduce stiffness, increase mobility and ease stiffness, you can also stretch. Aerobic exercise may also be recommended for your overall health and fitness.

Jung says that exercise is a great baseline treatment for home. But, it can be dangerous to do exercise when you have a stiff back. Wait for the spasms and then start slowly stretching.