How can you maintain and improve the health of your nails?

We will discuss the importance of healthy nails, and explore natural methods to maintain them. My experience as a nutritionist and dietician has taught me that the health of our nails is a good indicator of our general well-being. This article will explain why nail health matters, what you can do to improve it and how easy and natural it is.

Nail health is important

The health of our nails is important for both personal hygiene and indicating the general state of health. Normal nails have a smooth, consistent color. However, changes in the nail's appearance, like thickening or discoloration, can indicate underlying conditions such as heart disease or liver problems. Indian Dermatology Online Journal research shows that diseases such as psoriasis or lung cancer can show their initial symptoms through nail irregularities.

Strong and healthy nails also prevent other painful issues like hangnails or nail splitting. Well-maintained nail adds to the appearance of your nails and boosts confidence in a world where looks matter.

Getting Started

It's essential to know that nails, like your hair, are an extension from the skin. Their health depends on the overall nutritional and well-being of you. They're made out of keratin - a type protein. To improve nail health, you should prioritize a healthy diet, stay hydrated and maintain good nail hygiene.

How to maintain and improve the health of your nails and strengthen them naturally

Other Tips

Aside from eating right, you should also avoid biting your nails, moisturize regularly and limit the number of professional manicures, as chemicals in these products can cause them to weaken. Maintaining healthy nails can be achieved by regularly trimming your nails, and not using harsh products. It's important to remember that it is not only about your appearance, but also your overall health.


Conclusion: Maintaining strong, healthy nails are an important part of overall personal health and grooming. This requires proper nail care, a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and hydration. You can improve and maintain the health and strength of your nails by following these tips.