How does the use of natural light in living spaces affect mood and energy levels?

We're excited to discuss the fascinating connection between your home lighting and mood. Today, as a nutritionist and dietitian, I will be exploring this intriguing topic. You can expect to learn about the benefits of natural lighting, how you can optimize it for your home, as well as real-life case studies and suggestions to improve your energy and mood.

Natural Light: It's Important for Living Spaces

Natural light is essential for our homes. Natural light not only creates a welcoming environment but also boosts mood and energy. Northwestern Medicine researchers and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign conducted a study that found workers who were exposed to greater daylight had better quality of sleep and physical activity.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression related to seasonal changes can also be caused by the absence of natural sunlight. SAD starts and ends around the same time every year. SAD symptoms usually begin in fall, and last through winter, draining your energy and making your moody.

Start Now: Enhancing the Natural Lighting in Your Home

You can harness natural lighting in many ways. Open your blinds and drapes during daylight hours to allow sunlight into the room. Consider using reflective surfaces such as mirrors to reflect light in the space. Choose lighter and brighter shades for the walls, furniture, and floors to reflect more light.

Try to place your workspace or desk near a window when you are working or studying. According to a study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, people who work in natural lighting have higher energy levels than those under artificial illumination.

The Effects of Natural Light on Mood, Energy and Sense of Well-Being

Other Tips

Don't just focus on the natural light. There are other factors that can affect your energy and mood. A balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables and lean protein, whole grains and whole grain products, regular physical activity and adequate hydration, are essential. Stress management methods such as yoga, mindfulness or meditation can be helpful.


In summary, natural lighting in our living areas can have a positive impact on mood and energy. We can enhance productivity, improve mental health, and sleep better by consciously including more natural lighting in our daily lives. Let the sun in!