What do you need to have a refrigerator for skin care?

Yes, your refrigerator is in your kitchen. Perhaps you have even a mini refrigerator, where beer and wine can be stored or snacks kept cold. What about one refrigerator that is dedicated to skin care products only?

The recent popularity of skin care refrigerators among social media users would lead you to believe you must have one. How important is it to store your skin care products on ice.

Melissa Piliang MD Dermatologist addresses the myths surrounding skin care refrigerators. She explains what they are and which products you should keep inside.

What is a Skin Care Fridge?

Skin care refrigerators are popular because they preserve ingredients and prevent them from deteriorating in heat.

These mini refrigerators, which are smaller than usual, can be used to store your skin products. You can find them in fun colours and designs. They can be compared to very cold toiletry bags, large enough for some favorite items to freeze.

"They're adorable, aren’t they?" Dr. Piliang states. They aren't necessary, however.

How do skin care fridges work?

You've probably tried cold aloe vera or facial icing to treat sunburns. It can sometimes feel good to just apply a cold product to your skin.

Dr. Piliang says, "It can feel very pleasant to put something on your face. If your skin has been sunburnt, it can be helpful to apply a soothing cream.

Beyond this though, refrigerating products for skin care is virtually useless. To ensure they are safe and effective, skin care products must pass rigorous tests.

She says that refrigeration does not alter the products' ingredients. It doesn't affect their effectiveness. The end result is more about how the skin feels.

What can I put in my kitchen refrigerator to store skin care products?

You might be tempted to place your skin products next to produce. Your food fridge should be set at 35 F-38 F (1.6 degrees Celsius to 3.33 C), but it is recommended to keep your skin care products in the fridge between 40 F and 60 F (4.4 C to 15.55 C).

Why is it important? If you store your skin care products in very cold temperatures, they can become too cold to use. It is possible that you will have to wait until they warm up before applying them on your skin. This can make it difficult to get started with your skin care regimen.

You may prefer to store your facial products in a cooler environment than one that keeps food. You can keep everything together in one location, saving you the hassle of running to the kitchen to get your favorite product.

Which products can I put in a skin care fridge?

Skin care refrigerators are not necessary. If you love the feel of cool products on your skin, you should consider it.

Keep in mind, however: Your skin doesn't really need many products to care for its daily needs. Don't use too many products or you could end up putting your skin at risk.

All of that being said, the following products can be chilled:

How to Avoid Putting Skincare Products in a Fridge

You should keep that foundation, and any other cosmetics in your fridge, out of direct sunlight.

Dr. Piliang says that makeup should be applied at room temperature (or body temperature) to spread smoothly on skin. It may cause uneven skin tones if it doesn't spread well.

You can also use these products to protect yourself from the chill:

Here are some tips to help you safely store your skin products

Consider skin care products as Goldilocks did about porridge. It was just right. Dr. Piliang offers some tips to keep your skin care products in top shape.

It is the best temperature to store your products. Many products can be kept at room temperature. "It's best to store your skin care products in a cabinet in a temperature-controlled room," she says, "You want them to be at about 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in order to stay nice ."

Protect them from the sun's UV rays. Dr. Piliang advises against placing your products on windowsills. Products can be damaged by ultraviolet light.

High temperatures are best avoided. You've probably left something behind in your car, only to return it in a messy mess. It's not a good idea to keep your skin care products in a hot environment.

Dr. Piliang said that sunscreen is an exception. These don't often break down under heat so they can be carried in your beach bag while you're on the road.