Aloe Vera Sunburn Treatment: Is It Effective?

Sunburn is something we all feel. You feel your skin turn pinker and warmer to the touch. Even changing clothes can make you cry.

You have many options for sunburn relief, but aloe vera gel is one of the most popular. Sunburns can be treated with the gel that is naturally made from aloe vera plant.

Although aloe Vera is known for its soothing properties, it's not sufficient to completely treat sunburned skin.

Paul Benedetto MD, a dermatologist, explains what we know so far about aloe verde and how it can be used to treat sunburns. He also outlines what you need to do to avoid future ones.

Aloe Vera Can Help with Sunburns

Yes, in a certain way. The humble plant does not work miracles.

"Aloe does not prevent sunburn, and it's also been shown to be no more effective in treating sunburn than a placebo in multiple studies," says Dr. Benedetto.

This gel is not intended to be a sunburn treatment. However, many people use it because of its cooling abilities that relieve sunburns.

So, in other words, you can use aloe verdea to make your sunburns more bearable. However, it will not make your sunburn go away quicker.

What are the benefits of Aloe Vera?

Dr. Benedetto says that aloe vera gel appears to be anti-inflammatory and has skin-protective properties. Aloe vera can be soothing for the skin due to its physical and chemical properties.

While more research still needs to be done, one study found that aloe vera has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe the skin and may even help prevent intense peeling.

The best medicine to heal sunburns is time. Aloe Vera gel helps reduce the irritation and speed up the healing process.

Are Aloe Vera and Aloe vera safe?

It's not wise to apply anything to your skin. You may wonder if aloe Vera is safe to use.

Dr. Benedetto claims that all aloe Vera products can be safely used. He warns, however that aloe vera can cause adverse reactions.

He notes that it is possible for people to develop allergic reactions or irritations due to aloe. However, this rate is very rare in general. Aloe may cause itching and rash.

Which Aloe Vera should I use on my skin?

It doesn't matter if you buy it from a local pharmacy or directly from the leaf of the plant, the gel-like substance is easy to obtain. Is there a better source than another?

Dr. Benedetto explains that you should consider the available options, costs and ease of use when making a decision. He says that whole-plant or processed aloe vera gel will probably have similar skin soothing properties.

However, you might want to reconsider using aloe gel if your past reactions have been adverse. If you are allergic to any of the products in your local store, make sure that you read all labels.

Aloe Vera Sunburn Treatment

It is easy to apply any type of aloevera - simply add a small amount of gel onto the area and massage it gently over the course of the day. Aloe vera advocates recommend that you keep your gel chilled for a soothing and cooling effect.

You can use any type of aloe vera. If your burn is severe, talk to your doctor.

Aloe Plant

Aloe vera has many beneficial properties and is low-maintenance. You can keep aloe plants in your house and extract some gel from the leaves. To extract the natural gel, cut off one leaf. Then spread the gel inside the skin on the area to be treated. Continue this process throughout the day.

Gels purchased in stores

You don't know how to grow a garden? No worries. It is easy to find aloe gel online or in-stores. To avoid irritation to your skin, you should only purchase pure aloe vera gel. Place a thin layer of gel on the area to be treated. Repeat as necessary.


Aloe vera can be used in lotions to reap its benefits. A lotion may be an option for those who need a moisturizing cream that can also serve as a daily moisturizer. However, a lotion can increase your chances of finding products with chemical additives and fragrances. That, and the fact that a recent study found that 70% aloe vera lotion isn't as beneficial against sunburns, sticking to regular gel may be the better way to go.

The Best Way to Prevent Sunburn

Perhaps you are wondering: If aloe vera can't treat sunburns, is there anything else?

The best thing to do for sunburns is to go back in time to apply more sunscreen. It's impossible to travel back in time and apply more sunscreen. Instead, wait for the sunburn to heal before you shop for stronger sunblock for next day at the beach.

Dr. Benedetto stresses that "the best way to 'treat" a sunburn it to be prevented." Use appropriate SPF strength. For daily sun exposure, use at least 30 SPF. Use 50 SPF for beach and heavy sun exposure. Make sure you apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

You can also invest in sun-protective clothing, or even a umbrella on the beach to provide an additional barrier from the sun's harmful rays.

Aloe vera is not the only way to reduce irritation after a bad skin burn.

Dr. Benedetto states, "Beyond those, the skin needs to be allowed to heal."