Reading Head Start Review

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25 million kids can’t read proficiently, according to new studies. It isn’t necessarily the child that can’t read either but rather, the way they are taught.

Reading Head Start is an online program that teaches children between the ages 1 to 9 how to read and how to read better than children years older than them by focusing on the individual letters and sounds of the English language. It’s a proven method that comes with two hundred reading lessons, worksheets, printable activities, short passages and games.

Neuropathy No More Review

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Neuropathy can be caused by a variety of things, such as high blood sugar, chronic stress, excessive weight, exposure to chemicals, vitamin deficiencies and chronic inflammation to name a few, according to studies. All of these contributing factors are in your control though.

Neuropathy No More is an online program designed to help people learn a simple, natural regime that uses diet, supplements, movement and mindset to heal damaged nerves and reverse your symptoms. It’s a comprehensive, four-part program that’s created exclusively for people diagnosed with neuropathy or who are at risk of developing it from other conditions, such as diabetes or chemotherapy. It’s 100% natural and is intended to tackle neuropathy at the root source to eliminate it for good. The program comes with simple step-by-step instructions, delicious food lists, easy-to-make recipes, exercise guides, mindfulness activities and so much more.

Water Freedom System Review

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Water is, inarguably, the most crucial component for survival. Experts say that the human body can only survive for three days without water as your body needs water to regulate and maintain proper bodily functions in all of the cells, tissues, and organs.

Water Freedom System is the ultimate survivalist program that teaches people how to create up to 60 gallons of drinkable water each day just by using a simple condensation principle. It’s a detailed program that breaks down the potential water crisis’ and water sourcing options, complete with step-by-step tutorials for creating your own water source. This comes with extra survivalist skills, hacks, tips, and so much more.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning PDF

Over three billion batteries are thrown into the trash each year in the United States, according to studies. This results in only 5% of batteries being recycled properly.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is an online course that teaches you how to repair and restore all types of batteries, so you can stop throwing them out and start saving a ton of money. It’s a comprehensive system that comes with detailed information about different battery types, complete with simplified steps that guide you through the process of repairing and reusing them. The program comes with 9 different manuals, simple step-by-step instructions within each, battery test tutorials, and so much more.