Easy DIY Power Plan Review

Easy DIY Power Plan is an online program that walks you through the simple steps of creating your own renewable source of clean energy right at home and at an affordable price. Despite popular belief, you don’t have to pay a company to install a massive and expensive solar panel system just to reduce your electricity and save some money. You don’t even need to have any carpentry or electrical experience.

With Easy DIY Power Plan, you learn how to build your own source of clean energy without the high cost, intricate installation, and senior experience that is often required. Using the basic spinning principle, this program teaches you an easy way to generate a reliable, constant stream of power that can be used to fuel your home, appliances, cabin, or in the case of an emergency. Just the basic tools and materials that you likely already have in your home (and a few extras from your local hardware store) are needed – and well, this program that tells you every step of the way, of course.

easy diy power plan review

What is Easy DIY Power Plan?

If you want to reduce your electricity bill by 60%, Easy DIY Power Plan can help you do just that. With this program, you learn how to create your own mini source of renewable energy for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire a professional or purchase a solar panel system. Easy DIY Power Plan teaches you how to safely and easily do it yourself. It’s a comprehensive system that breaks down everything you need to know about creating a mini power plant that’s strong enough to power your home. It provides you with an abundance of information and manuals to ensure you have the knowledge and steps needed to understand, build, install and use a renewable energy source.

But how?

 It’s surprisingly quite straightforward. Easy DIY Power Plan is based on one simple concept: the spinning principle. This principle has been used throughout history to generate energy and is so reliable that it’s still used today in things such as electric cars.  With this program, you learn how to apply the very same principle to create power for your home, lake house or in case of an emergency. You receive detailed guides that break down the entire process from start-to-finish with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, photos, lists and tutorials. Here are the manuals that make up the program as a whole:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Tools and Components
  3. Build Your Own Panel From Zero
  4. How to Choose The Best Panel and Accessories
  5. How to Maintain Your Solar Panels-Converted
  6. Roof Cleaner

Over 17000 people have used this program to create their own little power machine strong enough to help you reduce your electricity bill by 60%. It’s also backed by a Money Back Guarantee, allowing you to sense just how easy it is risk-free for two months. And since the program is digital, you receive instant access with your purchase and can download the materials right onto your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Easy DIY Power Plan Download Page
A preview of the Easy DIY Power Plan’s download page.

Who is the Author of Easy DIY Power Plan?

The person behind Easy DIY Power Plan is teacher, father and husband, Ryan Taylor. After experiencing the great flood in 2015, Ryan was eager to ensure his family never had to go without power in the middle of winter every again. Seeking out the guidance of professionals, he was able to create a powerful and renewable energy source and aims to help others do the same.

Summary of Easy DIY Power Plan

Easy DIY Power Plan is a detailed program that teaches you how to create your own clean energy source using affordable tools and materials, without the need to hire a pro. The program starts with some valuable information that teaches you about the program and mini generator you’ll be building. It comes with tool and material lists, step-by-step written instructions, video tutorials, an abundance of free bonuses and much more.

Here is a more detailed look at what you can expect:

Main Guide

  • Introduction
    • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Solar Energy: What is it and how does it work?
    • A Short History of Photovoltaic Power
  • Working of a Solar Panel
    • What Are Solar Cells?
    • A Solar Energy System
  • Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Systems
  • How to Place Solar Arrays
  • Other Sources of Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Biomass Energy
    • Biomass to Electricity
    • Ocean Energy
    • Hydrogen Energy
    • Hydro Energy
  • The 1st Part of the Project
    • Inverter
    • Charge Controllers
    • Cables
    • Batteries
    • How to Assemble
    • Placement of Hinges
    • Stand
    • Purpose of the Reflective Aluminum Panels
    • Portability
  • How to Make a DIY Battery Bank for Solar Panels
    • What Kind of Batteries are Available?
  • What is the Difference Between a Standby Battery and a Deep Cycle Battery
    • Why Should You Use Deep Cycle Battery for Solar System
  • Calculate Your Load
  • Amount of Back-Up Power and Depth of Discharge
  • Connecting Batteries in Parallel vs. in Series
  • The Size of Your Inverter
  • The 2nd Part of the Project
    • What is a Magnet
    • What is An Electromagnet
    • Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets: The Differences
      • Magnetic Properties
      • Loss of Magnetic Properties
      • Advantages
      • Working Principle
    • List of Components for 1st Part of the Project
    • List of Components for 2nd Part of the Project
    • The Generator

The main manual is the go-to guide for everything you could ever need or want to know about renewable energy and using this program to create your own power source. This includes information about the different types of energy sources to the benefits of connecting batteries in parallel vs. in a series.  It also includes a detailed breakdown of the different components used, complete with a step-by-step breakdown of the process. This is separated into two parts for an easy and organized experience.

Easy DIY Power Plan Table of Contents
The table of contents for Easy DIY Power Plan Manual PDF.

Tools and Component

Just as the name reads, the Tools and Component guide is where you get your material and tool lists. Each item is listed by name and with a photo, so you know exactly what to pick up when you’re out grabbing materials. Many of what you’ll find in here are items you likely have at home, such as pliers and some insulation tape, or available at your local store. 

Build Your Own Panel from Zero

  • Solar cells
  • Solar Panels
  • Connecting Solar Cells
  • Building a Solar Panel
  • A Small Solar Panel Array Project
  • Panel Construction
  • Purchasing and Working with Solar Cells
  • Making Tab and Bus Ribbon
  • Encapsulates
  • Solar Electric System
  • Appendix

This is where you’ll find a comprehensive, detailed guide on building solar panels from scratch, essentially. Like the main manual, it provides you with several chapters of valuable information that is educational and helpful. This includes everything from the solar power basics to detailed descriptions, tips, and advice for building your own mini system. Each of the topics mentioned above expand on the details of each. For example, “Solar Panels” includes topics about thermal resistance, UV resistance, glass in solar panels, the benefits of long screws,” and many more.

How to Choose The Best Panel and Accessories

In this manual, you learn the knowledge and secrets for choosing the best panel and accessories. For example, it covers the benefits of solar electricity, the different types, advantages and disadvantages, as well as steps and tips for choosing the right one. These topics cover roof requirements, space and orientation, condition, and so on and so forth.

How to Maintain Your Solar Panels-Converted

Similar to the prior, this manual gives you the knowledge and industry tricks for maintaining your solar panels. It breaks down each part of the process to ensure proper maintenance of all working parts. For example, in addition to solar panel maintenance, the guide also discusses battery maintenance in detail, as well as wiring and construction, and so on and so forth.

Roof Cleaner

The last manual includes additional tips for cleaning the roof. It’s an additional guide that covers a start-to-finish guide on keeping things sparkling clean.

In addition to these super informative, interesting and helpful manuals, Easy DIY Power Plan also comes with several bonus programs for absolutely free:

  • Free Evatac Hybrid Duffel
  • Free Evatac Tactical Flashlight
  • Free Reducing Energy Waste Guide
  • Free Meyer Magnet Motor Guide
  • Free Power From Smith Generator Guide
  • Free Electric Lighting History Guide
  • Free 15 Top Ways to Save Money Guide
  • Free Money Saving Tips for Families Guide
  • Free Saving Power – Saving The World Guide
  • Free Go Green – Save Green At The Same Time Guide
  • Free How to Be Environmentally Friendly Guide

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

One of the first things I noticed about the program is how easy it made the entire process. From the reading and learning to the building and implementation, everything has been put into simple, easy-to-understand terms and instructions that make sense. The instructions come with photos and diagrams to ensure you know exactly what to do for each step along the way, and you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on tools and materials. Almost all of the tools and materials are common household items and for the others that you don’t have, they can easily and affordably be attained at your local hardware shop.

Another key feature is that the system you learn how to build is small in size and simple in concept, but strong enough to power major appliances and even your entire household. You can even begin to save up to 60% on your electricity bill.

Disadvantages of the Program

The only disadvantage is that the program is only available in digital format. While this does come with a plethora of benefits, it does mean that a physical hardcopy is not available. You can always print off your own though.


Easy DIY Power Plan is a powerful program that teaches people how to reduce their bills by 60% simply by building their own easy renewable energy source. It comes with an abundance of valuable information that teaches and guides you along the way, making sure that you have the knowledge, steps and tips needed for an easy, stress-free experience. And hey, you can try it out risk-free as the program is backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download Easy Power Plan PDF


Do I need to have any carpentry or electrical experience to use the program?

No. Easy DIY Power Plan was designed specifically so that anyone can use the program even without any prior carpentry or electrical experience. As such, the program provides you with several step-by-step guides, all of which have been put into simple, easy-to-understand steps, photos, measurements, diagrams as needed. When it comes to the electrical portion of the program, you’ll want to follow the steps carefully. You could also hire a professional to execute for this portion of the program.

Am I able to get a hardcopy of the program?

Easy DIY Power Plan is a digital program, which is provided to you with downloadable PDF guides. However, you can download these guides and print them off and have your own physical copy.

Does the program use US measurements in the blueprints?

Yes, all of the measurements follow the US metric system. If you prefer to follow the tutorials in another measurement, you can always convert them before getting started.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

The author can be contacted via their official website or you can leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.

Download Easy DIY Power Plan PDF

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