ED Elixir Review

ED Elixir is a comprehensive guide to eliminating all types of erectile dysfunction safely, naturally and permanently by tackling it at the root cause and without the need to do weird jelquing exercises daily and without using weird contraption where weird contraptions should never be. Many of these E.D. options and the many others available on the market only mask the symptoms to provide temporary results, while never addressing the actual problem. With ED Elixir, you learn how to eliminate the main causes of your erectile dysfunction, which allows you to fix the problem so you can get back to long, strong stallion you used to be in between the sheets. It’s a simple process that involves making simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, all of which are put together for you in a step-by-step action plan. So, if you’re ready to stop spending a fortune on pills, lotions and pumps that have horrible side effects and that never work long-term, it’s time to learn how to fix the root cause of the problem, which is exactly what you get with this program.

ED Elixir Review

What is ED Elixir?

Despite erectile dysfunction being one of the worst things a man can experience for himself, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t provide a cure. Instead, they keep producing all kinds of pills, creams and pumps that provide temporary relief and that never address the root cause of E.D.

ED Elixir is an online program designed to provide you with long-term results by tackling the main causes of erectile dysfunction, many of which are the chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that are prevalent in Westernized diets and lifestyles. In fact, they’re in everything from the foods you eat to the clothes you wear. It’s impossible to avoid the modern day causes of E.D., but there are some simple adjustments you can make in your diet and lifestyle to counteract the effects it has on the big guy downstairs.

With this program, you learn simple changes to make, such as getting specific into your diet, to start reversing ED safely, naturally and permanently. The regimes includes an all-natural 30-second secret, food lists, recipes, self-tests, supplement recommendations, lifestyle habits and more. All of this can be found in the main manual, but you also receive some bonus guides that coincide with your mission of restoring raging hard erections:

  • Free Guide #1: Her Ultimate Fantasy Lover
  • Free Guide #2: Sexual Stamina Secrets
  • Free Guide #3: Dirty Talk Secrets

These guides are entirely free and you receive immediate access to them, as well as the main program, as soon as you purchase. You just sign in and download the content right onto your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, which is great for privacy and convenience.

The ED Elixir also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to implement the simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. Spoiler Alert: You won’t need the full 60 days to see the positive effects.

Who is the Author of ED Elixir?

Michael Manning is the author of ED Elixir. He is a former sufferer of erectile dysfunction that was actually so bad that his relationship was falling apart. In an effort to try to fix things, he took his girlfriend on a trip to Egypt, which is where he learned how pollutants, foods, pesticides, and toxins in the Western world are causing erectile dysfunction. Most importantly, this is also where he learned how to combat the effects and restore his erections.

Summary of ED Elixir

ED Elixir is a comprehensive system that teaches you everything there is to know about erectile dysfunction, and the simple adjustments to make in your diet and lifestyle to eliminate it. The program comes with an abundance of valuable information about conventional treatments, lifestyle habits that contribute to erectile dysfunction, diet, supplements, mindset and more. Then, it puts everything together in a step-by-step action plan, complete with recipes, food lists, self-tests and much more.

Here’s a look at the table of contents:


  1. My Personal Battle With the “ED Demon”
  2. The Night in Egypt That Changed Everything
  3. Enter “The Elixir”
  4. Slaying The ED Demon… For Good

Chapter 1: 30 Million and Growing (The One Club You Didn’t Want to Join)

  1. Defining Erectile Dysfunction
  2. The Medical Definition of ED
  3. International Differences
  4. ED Is a Wake-Up Call

Chapter 2: ED Through The Ages

  1. A Brief History of Mankind Vs. ED

Chapter 3: Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter 4: Identifying The Problem and Seeking Answers

  1. Is Your Root Cause Physical or Mental?
  2. The Erection Self-Test
  3. Mental Vs. Physical ED: The Difference
  4. Common Psychological Causes of ED
  5. Common Physical Causes of ED
  6. Diabetes
  7. Depression
  8. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Low Testosterone
  9. Pornography
  10. Excess Weight and Your Circulatory System
  11. Exercise and ED

Chapter 5: How Erections Happen

Chapter 6: Why ED Drugs Are Not The Answer

  1. Side Effects of ED Drugs

Chapter 7: Optimizing Your Body to Conquer ED

  1. Let Your Body Do Its Job
  2. Why Diets Make You Fail
  3. Sneaky Sugar Bombs You Never Knew About
  4. Watch What Goes In Your “Gas Tank”
  5. How Low Cal and Sugar Free Foods Make You Fatter
  6. The Role of Nitric Oxide
  7. Food Quality
  8. Eating Organic For Your Organ
  9. The Ugly Truth About Chicken
  10. Chicken Science
  11. Fat: It’s Not All Bad
  12. The Benefits of Eating “Locally Grown:
  13. Erection Enemy: Alcohol
  14. Erection Enemy: Milk and Dairy
  15. Erection Enemy: Smoking
  16. Smoking-Related Diseases
  17. Science Corner: Arteriosclerosis
  18. Coffee, Tea, and Other Caffeinated Drinks

Chapter 9: The Sex God Mindset

  1. Destroying Your Limiting Beliefs

Chapter 10: Boosting Testosterone Naturally

  1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  2. Testosterone Killer #1: Leptin
  3. Testosterone Killer #2: Cortisol
  4. T-Boosting Herbs
  5. Exercise Hacks To Boost Your T Levels
  6. 6 Exercise Tips to Super Charge Your T Levels
  7. Foods That Naturally Boost Your T Levels
  8. Foods That Work Against Testosterone Production

Chapter 11: Drugs That Cause ED

  1. Prescription Drugs Known to Cause ED
  2. Non-Prescription Drugs
  3. Antidepressants and Painkillers

Chapter 12: The ED Elixir

  1. ED Elixir Enhancers and Alternate Recipes
  2. Passion Milk
  3. The Winter Fire Libido Booster
  4. The Romance Enhancer
  5. Brewing ED Elixir Teas
  6. General Notes About The ED Elixir and Its Variations

Chapter 13: Putting Together Your ED-Reversing Game Plan

  1. Achieving an Alkaline State

Bonus Chapter: Sexual Secrets of the Ancient Rulers

  1. Mastering Your Jing Chi
  2. The Great Khan
  3. Oysters and Shellfish
  4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Frequently Asked Questions

+ the bonuses:

  • Free Guide #1: Her Ultimate Fantasy Lover
  • Free Guide #2: Sexual Stamina Secrets
  • Free Guide #3: Dirty Talk Secrets


ED Elixir is the ultimate guide for learning how to eliminate all types of erectile dysfunction, safely, naturally and permanently. It teaches you easy adjustments to make in your diet and lifestyle and it even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can try it risk-free for two months, which you can’t go wrong with.

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