EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning is an online course that simplifies the process of repairing and reusing batteries, so you can stop throwing them out and start saving a significant amount of money. It’s estimated that over three billion batteries are thrown into the trash each year in the United States, according to studies. This results in only 5% of batteries being recycled properly. And as you likely already know, batteries can be expensive especially when they belong to an automobile, golf cart, laptop, smartphone or a powered household item that burns through the energy. Unfortunately, most people have no idea that their dead batteries can be repaired unless they’re rechargeable. However, rechargeable batteries come with a higher price and require an expensive charging base. You also don’t need them since almost all batteries can be recharged and reused.

EZ Battery Reconditioning provides you with step-by-step instructions for repairing your batteries. It covers a vast array of battery types, including household batteries, laptop batteries, car batteries, golf cart batteries and so much more. No fancy equipment or prior experience is needed, as all of the steps have been simplified for everyone to use with just basic tools. Major networks such as CNN, DIY Network, Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV have also featured this course due to its incredible success.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Despite all batteries being recyclable, 95% of them end up in landfills, according to studies. Add in the cost of batteries (and the damage they cause to the environment when disposed of improperly) and it sounds absolutely outrageous to keep paying for new batteries anytime an old one dies. Even the broken ones can usually be restored.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is an online program designed to keep batteries out of landfills, money in your pocket and your items charged. It’s a comprehensive system that provides you with detailed tutorials on repairing, restoring and reusing old, beat up and even broken batteries. No extra equipment other than basic tools that you likely already have in your home are needed. You don’t need to have any prior experience working with energy or batteries either, as the program breaks down the process step-by-step. It comes with 9 manuals, with each covering different battery types. For example, here’s a sneak peek at what those manuals are:

  1. Battery Reconditioning Guides
    1. How to Recondition Lead-Acid Batteries
    2. How to Recondition Lithium-ion Batteries
    3. How to Recondition Golf Cart Batteries
    4. How to Recondition AGM and SLA Batteries
    5. How to Recondition Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
    6. How to Recondition Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
    7. How to Recondition a Forklift Battery
    8. How to Recondition Laptop Batteries
    9. How to Recondition Alkaline Batteries
  2. Exclusive Free Bonuses
  3. Free Updates and Lifetime Access to Everything
  4. VIP Premium Newsletter

If you aren’t sure what type of battery you’re dealing with, no worries. EZ Battery Reconditioning makes it easy to determine what type you have and the proper steps needed to repair and reuse it. Each of the manuals also come with simple steps for testing and repairing them.  

In addition to these nine manuals, EZ Battery Reconditioning also comes with a variety of bonus programs for free. They offer you more tutorials and information for reusing batteries, with a few extra for the survivalist in you. These free bonuses are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Recondition Old Cell Phone batteries
  • Free Bonus #2: Tips for Extending The Life of Your 9v Batteries (& a trick for Turning One 9v into Six AAA Batteries)
  • Free Bonus #3: How To Start a Battery Business At Home
  • Free Bonus #4: Battery Maintenance Service Plan
  • Free Bonus #5: EZ Savings Guide
  • Free Bonus #6: Free Waterproof Hybeam Mini Flashlight
  • Free Bonus #7: Free IstaBlade
  • Free Bonus #8: Free Everstryke Match
  • Special “Members Only” Offers

The program (and the free bonuses) come with instant access as soon as you purchase, with the exception of the physical bonuses that get shipped out to you. This means you can get started right away, which is a major benefit if you need to repair a battery for something big (and pricey), such as for your car or your laptop. With the knowledge you receive, you can also use the program to repair other people’s batteries – and make some extra cash while doing so. The steps make it that simple. To begin, you can click to access the materials online or download them onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This gives you quick and convenient access to the tutorials anytime, anywhere.

EZ Battery Reconditioning also comes with free lifetime updates, a VIP Premium Newsletter and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you get two months to see how easy it is to repair your old batteries and see if you’d rather do that or pay a ton of money replacing them. Chances are, the simplified steps will have you wondering why you haven’t been repairing and recharging your batteries from the beginning.  

EZ Battery Reconditioning Download Page
A look at EZ Battery Reconditioning’s download page. This is where you will have access to the program’s materials.

Who are the Authors of EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Tom Ericson, better known as “The Battery Man”, and Frank Thomson are the authors of EZ Battery Reconditioning. Tom is highly recognized as the go-to-guy when it comes to testing, fixing and repairing old batteries.  He teamed up with Frank, the owner of a battery reconditioning and servicing company in South Carolina, to help everyday people learn how they can save money and start reusing their old batteries.

Summary of EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a comprehensive program that guides you through the process of identifying, fixing, recharging and reusing old, beat up and even broken batteries. It comes with nine manuals that break down a vast array of battery types, including common household batteries, car batteries, laptop batteries, heavy machinery batteries and many more. Each manual comes with detailed steps that teach you how to put your newfound knowledge into action. The steps have all been simplified for easy learning and they come with tutorials for testing, repairing, and re-testing batteries for a safe experience. You’ll also find several diagrams, material lists, and basic tool lists throughout to give you visual references well throughout the process.

Here is a closer look at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

Lead-Acid Battery Reconditioning Guide

  1. Background of Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Personal Safety Measures
    1. Precautions Regarding Environmental Safety
  3. Lead Acid Battery Types
  4. Inside of a Lead Acid Battery
    1. Basic Parts/Areas in a Lead Acid Battery
    2. Amount of Cells in a Lead Acid Battery
  5. Sulfation and Its Effect on a Battery
  6. Tools Required for Working with Lead Acid Batteries
  7. Testing Lead Acid Batteries
    1. Test 1: Voltage Testing with No Load
    2. Test 2: Load Testing
    3. Test 3: Hydrometer Testing – Testing Each Cell
      1. How to Access the Cells of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (Drilling and Resealing)
    4. Test 4: Check Each Battery Cell’s Voltage
  8. How to Recondition Lead Acid Batteries
    1. Method 1: Appliance of an Equalizing Charge
      1. Easy Way: Use Automatic Equalizing Mode on a Battery Charger
      2. Manual Way: Apply An Equalizing Charge
    2. Method 2: Add Chemical Additives to the Battery
    3. Method 3: Other Desulfating Methods
  9. Proper Ways to Maintain Lead Acid Batteries

Since the other guides follow a similar layout, I’ll just give a quick breakdown of this one. As you can see, it covers the entire process from start to finish. For example, the manuals begin with a background of the battery so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. It goes into the safety measures for the specific type of battery you’re working with, where you’ll find these types of batteries (machines, household items, automobiles, electronics, etc.), how to safely test them, and so much more.  Depending on the manual you’re using, you’re also provided with different methods you can use to repair and reuse your old batteries.  

Reconditioning Li-On Guide's Table of contents
The table of contents for the program’s Li-ion batteries reconditioning guide.

Our Verdict

Advantages of the Program

The top advantage of using EZ Battery Reconditioning is that you can save a significant amount of money by learning how to reuse old batteries, instead of simply throwing them out. It even comes with a bonus guide that teaches you how to start a side business repairing other people’s batteries, so you can really get your bang for buck.

I also liked how the program covers all types of batteries. You don’t just learn how to fix the common AAA’s found throughout your household, but also, you learn how to fix major expenses, such as car batteries, electronic batteries, etc. If it takes a battery, you will likely find a tutorial on how to fix it with this program. If not, maybe one of the lifetime updates will offer it in the future. You also get the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to see if the battery you want to repair is a part of this program. Chances are, it is.  

Another benefit is that you are making some drastic improvements for the environment. Batteries destroy wildlife, so this is a nice benefit you can feel good about.

Disadvantages of the Program

The tutorials are so detailed and make it super easy to understand and follow. However, in addition to the written instructions, diagrams, photos and lists, it would be cool if the program also offered video tutorials. Not that they’re needed, but it would be a good addition.


EZ Battery Reconditioning is a comprehensive program that provides you with nine guides that teach you how to repair, recharge and reuse all types of beat up, damaged, dead and even broken batteries. The tutorials come with detailed steps, diagrams and material lists, safety measures and precautions, testing methods and much more. You get lifetime upgrades, a variety of free bonus programs and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  

Download EZ Battery Reconditioning PDF


Can this program work with phone batteries?

The program covers a vast array of battery types, with phone batteries being a popular section, which covers lithium-ion battery types. However, there are so many different types of phones and just as many unique batteries made specific for each style, brand, manufacturers, etc. So, it’s hard to answer this question with a quick yes or no. There are some brands that have also made it near-impossible to remove the batteries (probably because everyone was learning how to repair them on their own and taking money away from the business). The good news is that there are plenty of tutorials out there (like in Youtube) that will teach you how to remove and dismantle difficult phone batteries. Then, this program teaches you the rest.

How safe is the program?

The program should be safe to use, as the manuals come with a list of safety measures that should be followed. These safety measures are determined based on the type of battery you’re working with. However, certain battery types, such as lead-acid batteries, do pose a risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, such as lead. If the instructions aren’t followed properly and you touch both terminals of a battery that has some charge, you could get a little zap. So, you want to make sure to follow the precautions and detailed steps as they’re listed.

Can I still use the program if I don’t have an electrical background?

Yes, the program has been designed specifically so that anyone can use it to repair their old batteries. This means that no electrical background is needed. You don’t need any expensive equipment either. However, you must follow the steps precisely. If you do have any concerns or are nervous about a certain step, it is best to consult a professional for that portion.

Will I need access to any electrical equipment or tools?

The only type of equipment you’ll need to use EZ Battery Reconditioning are basic tools, such as a battery load tester, battery hydrometer, battery terminal cleaner, and a charger. If you don’t already own these, the items can easily be found at your local hardware shop or online.

download EZ Battery Reconditioning PDF

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