Fit After 50 Review

Fit After 50 is an online at-home fitness regime that teaches men how to lose weight, build muscle and get in the best shape of their life, regardless of their age, flexibility, weight or current fitness level. Studies show that 76% of adults over the age of 50 are overweight. Unfortunately, a lot of weight loss and fitness programs out there aren’t designed with age as a factor. And as your body changes, so does your fitness regime. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your free time at the gym doing intense workouts that put unnecessary pressure on your joints. With Fit After 50, you learn a unique, three-phase fitness regime designed specifically for men wanting to get in shape at any age. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a personal trainer, gym membership or purchase any exercise equipment, as everything can be done at home using your own body weight. So, if you’re ready to learn how to train smarter, not harder to finally get rid of that “Dad Bod”, here’s everything you can expect from this program.

Fit After 50 Review

What is Fit After 50?

There’s no denying that the requirements for losing weight and building muscle as you get older change. However, that doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to intense aches, pains, cardio, and hours of working out.

With Fit After 50, you learn a powerful three-phase online workout regime designed specifically to help men get in shape, lose weight and build muscle at any age. The regime consists of a combination of functional cardio, ab days and metabolic strength training strategically put together, so you can train smarter, not harder.

The phases allow for safe, gradual and effective progress as they increase in intensity as you go. For example, the first phase focuses on burning fat using low to moderate effort. The movements you learn in this phase create the foundation for the next, which increases in intensity to start building muscle. I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but the exercise regime focuses on doing just enough to get your body burning fat and building muscle quickly, without pushing your body to the edge This prevents putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and having to spend a lot of time working out.

Here’s a quick look at the three phases:

  • Phase One: Burn
  • Phase Two: Build
  • Phase Three: Sculpt

By completing these phases, you can train smarter not harder. They don’t make you feel exhausted afterward and instead, leave you feeling clear-headed and energized. This is the result of the movements activating natural chemicals that increase blood flow throughout your body. This also has a Viagra-like effect and helps keep your testosterone levels high.

Everything you need to use Fit After 50 is provided to you in this program, including detailed instructions, workout plans for specific days, exercises, sets, and reps, all put together in easy-to-read guides.

You also receive several bonus programs for absolutely free, which are:

  • Free Bonus #1: 12-Week Nutrition Plan
  • Free Bonus #2: Exercise Illustrations
  • Free Bonus #3: Supplement Guide
  • Free Bonus #4: How to Boost Testosterone Guide
  • Free Bonus #5: Fitness Tracker (Physical product)

You get all of this with this program and can get started right away, as you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. You just download the content onto your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet and it’s there for you, wherever your new fit, healthy life takes you. You can even try it out risk-free with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Who is the Author of Fit After 50?

Mark Mcilyar is the author of Fit After 50. He is a personal trainer and online fitness guru who is hailed as the fitness expert for men over 40. Mark has also been featured on serval popular television broadcasts and men’s health.

Summary of the Fit After 50 Program

Fit After 50 is a comprehensive three-phase at-home workout regime designed specifically wanting to get in shape, no matter their age, fitness or weight. Everything can be done right at home without any use of extra equipment, as the program focuses on using your own bodyweight for training.

The regime is broken down into three phases – Burn, Build and Sculpt – for effective, gentle and gradual progress.

Phase One includes workouts designed to increase your muscular endurance, enhance your joint stability, boost your flexibility, improve your posture and your neuromuscular efficiency, and improve your core and balance stabilization. It is low-to-moderate effort and is the base of the program.

Phase Two focuses on slightly more intense movements that target specific muscle groups to increase your strength and muscle size, and boost your production of testosterone and mind-muscle connection.

Phase Three takes everything you’ve learned and increases the intensity some more. This phase maximizes your testosterone production, muscle size, and strength, boosts your alertness, self-confidence and sex drive, and improves your sleep.

Throughout each phase, you’ll learn a variety of strategically planned exercises and styles. Here’s a more in-depth look at what you can expect from each phase:

Phase One: Burn

  • Benefits:
    • Boost muscular endurance
    • Enhance joint stability
    • Increase flexibility
    • Improve posture and neuromuscular efficiency
    • Improve core and balance stabilization
  • Style
    • Circuit training
    • Low to moderate effort
  • Steps
    • 15 reps, rest for 2 minutes and repeat with different exercise movement
    • Start of cardio training to trigger high calorie expenditure to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate

Phase Two: Build

  • Benefits
    • Increase testosterone production
    • Increase muscle size
    • Improve mind-muscle connection
    • Accelerate fat loss and testosterone production
  • Style
    • High-intensity interval training
    • Medium to difficult effort
  • Steps
    • Complete reps and sets, rest for 1 minute, repeat

Phase Three: Sculpt

  • Benefits
    • Maximize testosterone product
    • Maximize strength
    • Maximize muscle size
    • Improve sleep
    • Increases alertness
    • Boosts self-confidence
    • Boosts sex drive
  • Style
    • Resistance training of each muscle group twice a week
    • Anabolic style resistance workouts
    • Difficult to maximum effort
  • Steps
    • Complete reps and sets, rest for 1 minute, repeat

On top of this, you receive the bonus programs, which includes additional information, resources and guides to help you achieve your goals. These bonuses include:

  • Free Bonus #1: 12-Week Nutrition Plan
  • Free Bonus #2: Exercise Illustrations
  • Free Bonus #3: Supplement Guide
  • Free Bonus #4: How to Boost Testosterone Guide
  • Free Bonus #5: Fitness Tracker (Physical product)


Fit After 50 is a powerful three-phase workout system designed specifically for men who want to shed their “Dad Bod” and get in shape. The workouts help you train smarter, not harder. The program can be used by any man, no matter their age, fitness or weight as it focuses on safe, gentle and gradual progression. No extra equipment is needed and you can complete the entire system right at home. With the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can even try the program out risk-free for two months to see how it works for you.

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