Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is an online dating and relationship program that serves as the ultimate collection of wisdom, tools and techniques designed exclusively for women who want to transform their love life. There’s no denying that dating has become even more difficult than ever before due to online dating websites and apps. You no longer have to venture out in public to meet someone and instead, can swipe right anytime you see someone that piques your interest. The downside is that everyone uses these websites and apps. It might sound good at first because you think you’re a little fish in a big pond but really, you’re in a tadpole pool. In other words, the action of dating has become easier but finding a quality partner to create a passionate relationship with certainly hasn’t. But it isn’t the technology that is the problem; it’s that most of us have forgotten the one golden rule that has remained the same over centuries: men are ruled by their instincts.

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is a comprehensive program that gives you the inside scoop on captivating the man you want, whether it’s your current partner or someone you have yet to meet. But what does Grandma know about dating in today’s digital world? She doesn’t know about swiping left-and-right, using dating apps or using an online dating app. Well, let’s find out…

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Review

What is Grandma’s Subtle Secrets?

Technology has drastically changed the way people connect, but it’s not going anywhere and we need to learn how to work with it.  That’s also not to forget mentioning that the main rule to understanding men has remained the same: they are and have always been led by their instincts. The dating scenarios may have changed, but by understanding this one rule, you can take complete control over the type of men you attract and the relationships you build. And that’s precisely what this program teaches you how to do.

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is an online dating and relationship program designed to help women get the man and the relationship they want. Designed exclusively for women, the foundation of the program focuses on the one unwritten rule of dating: men are ruled by their instincts. This rule applies to all men, whether it’s someone you’ve dated in the past, someone you’re currently in a relationship with, or someone you have yet to meet. All men are ruled by their internal instincts. What does this mean for you?

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets serves as the ultimate guide of wisdom, advice, perspective and techniques needed to understand how men operate. This includes learning what makes them crave a woman’s attention, how to use it to get the love life you want, how to get him coming back yearning for more of your time, and everything in between. It’s incredibly comprehensive as it addresses dating and relationships from every angle, but in a way that gives you the insight to see it from the other side. And when you can do that, the techniques and advice starts to simply make sense. You’ll be asking yourself, “why did I never think of it like that before?” The answer is simple: as women, we see things differently. This is where many problems in dating and relationships stem from. By using Grandma’s Subtle Secrets, you are gaining the knowledge needed to understand men better, so you can adjust your approach to appeal to his, you guessed it, instincts.

Since the program is filled with so much valuable advice and techniques, the creator has separated the content into sections for easy, organized reading. Many of the sections create the base for the next, allowing you to gradually learn the process without information overload. And it’s all put together for you in one main manual.

The good news doesn’t end there though. With the program, you also receive a variety of bonus programs for free, which are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Four Magic Phrases That Heal Relationships
  • Free Bonus #2: Become His Secret Passion
  • Free Bonus #3: Secrets To Your Ultimate Love Life
  • Free Bonus #4: How to Have The Ultimate Love Life With Marni Kinrys
Grandma’s Subtle Secrets Download Page
A look at how the download page for Grandma’s Subtle Secrets guide looks like.

The program (and all of the free bonuses) are available to you as soon as you purchase and they’re digital, so you can download them right onto your personal tech devices. This also allows for quick, convenient access whenever you need it, which is particularly handy when you run into a potential mate. You even get two months to see how you like it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You just can’t go wrong with that and you certainly can’t go wrong with Grandma’s wisdom.  

Who is the Author of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets?

Jennifer Evans is the author of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets. Like many women out there, she has roamed the dating and relationship battlefields and found herself back at it when she turned 39. Having no idea how to date in-person in this digital age, Jennifer went to the wisest woman she knows, her grandma. The things she was learning quickly began to transform her personal and love life, which inspired her to put her Grandma’s words into a guide for other women to harness.   

Summary of Grandma’s Subtle Secrets

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is a comprehensive dating and relationship program that serves as the ultimate guide for women struggling with dating and relationships.  It is designed to give you the inside scoop on how men work, think and feel, so you have the knowledge needed to get any man you want craving all of your attention. This includes mind-blowing wisdom and advice, as well as tools and techniques that use psychological secrets to ensure a powerful effect on men. All of the techniques come with simple instructions as needed and you’ll also find point-form notes for quick referencing, example phrases and so much more well throughout the program.

Take a look at some of the topics and techniques covered:

  1. Another Quiet Night At Home
  2. Enter Gramma and the Phrase That Changed My Life
  3. But What Does Grandma Really Know About Dating?
  4. Throw Out What You Think About Men
    • What Men Want in the First Few Days – A Promise of Adventure
    • Do Men Just Want Young Girlfriends?
    • Men Want to Chase a Worthy Prize
    • My First Baby Steps Back into Online Dating
  5. The Truth About Men and Dating
    • Men Face (and Fear) A Lot of Rejection
    • Female Confidence is a Magnet to Men
    • Men Love Subtle Signals that Tell Them How to Act
    • Practice Makes Perfect
    • Setting HIM in Motion
    • Playing the Online Dating Game
  6. How To Stand Out to Men… Even in a Room Full of Beautiful Women
    • Turn-Offs to Avoid
    • A Case Study of My Own Mistakes
    • What REALLY Attracts Men
    • Power in Numbers?
    • Casting Your Bait
    • Playfulness: Little Actions, BIG Results
  7. Making The First Move (Using Feminine Coyness)
    • Show and Tell… How to Make the First Move
    • Feminine Coyness
    • My New, Exciting Dating Life
    • The New Woman in Town Who Changed Gramma’s Life Forever
  8. The Magnet Technique
    • Sexy Confidence is Attractive
    • Everything Gramm Taught Me Worked
    • Gramma Schooling Me on Texting
    • 4 Reasons Why These Short Magnet Texts Work
    • Reaching out to my Ex
  9. The Masculine Mind
    • Two Puzzle Pieces
    • Men Thrive on Feminine energy
    • Men Bond Through Activities
    • Men as Protectors?
    • What About Male Ego?
    • So, Stroke His Ego?
    • Remember, His Ego May be Fragile
    • Meeting My Ex in Person
    • The Right Timing
    • What to Wear for a “First” Date with an Ex
  10. Intrigue Him So He Chases You
    • Be His Daydream (It’s not what you think)
    • The Tantalizing Head Tilt
    • The Famous Mona Lisa Smile
    • The Uncatchable Smile
    • Why Every Woman has a “Mona Lisa Smile”
    • Intrigue Him By Listening
    • Oh, When Talking to a Man
    • Be Independent and Impressive
    • Be Unpredictable
  11. Playing Hard to Get: The Ultimate “Chase” Trigger
    • Playing Hard to Get, Not Rejection
    • Why “Playing Hard to Get” Works
    • Did You Fall for Someone Else’s “Hard to get?”
    • Being “Likeable” Doesn’t Get You the Guy
    • When and How to Play Hard to Get
    • When Enough is Enough
  12. How to Hook Him So He’s Begging For More
    • The Prince Charming Phase
    • If You Want to Win, Be Willing to Lose
    • Fear of Loss Helps us See Value
    • Flirty, Sexy Moves That Hook Him… And Keep You on His Mind
    • Exactly How to Melt Into his Arms
  13. Hook Him… And Keep Him
    • Be the Queen You Are
    • Let Him Be Your Kind
    • Remember Laughter is the Spice of Life
    • Surprise Him and Stand Out with the Phone Trick
    • Avoid the Bait and Switch
    • Think About His Needs
    • Keeping the Love Alive
    • Pushing or Pulling?
  14. The 5 Rules of Sex to Keep The Passion Alive
    • Love Who You Are
    • Don’t Jump In (and never let the teasing go)
    • Keep Sexual Tension (Banter)
    • Keep the Adventurous Spirit He Fell For… In The Bedroom Too
    • Use All the Senses
  15. How to Show Him What You Want in Bed
    • The Hot Mirror Technique
    • Make Some Noise
    • Praise, Praise, Praise
  16. But What If He’s Not Interested in Sex Anymore?
    • Biological Issues
    • Emotional (Relational) Issues
    • Turning Desire Back On
  17. Will This Work on Your Ex
    • Reaching Out To Your Ex
    • The Help Me Text
    • Wow, Look At Me Now
  18. How to Bring the Spark Back
    • Play “What If?”
    • Start Over… In a Sense
  19. Keep Him Chasing You
    • Keep Flirting
    • Affirm Him as Your Man
    • Initiate Touching, Affection, Adventure and Sex
    • Say Yes
    • Make Him Feel Good And You’ll Both Feel Good

Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is a one-manual program that is separated into chapters, with each focusing on a general theme or topic. Each section gives you the knowledge, tools and understanding needed to understand the next. For example, chapter five is all understanding men on a different level, including the fears and insecurities they have. You need to understand this before moving onto any of the other topics, or they simply won’t make sense to you.  Another example is chapter 13, which talks about hooking him in. This can’t be done until you know the information in the previous chapters.

Grandma's Subtle Secrets Table of Contents
The table of contents for Grandma’s Subtle Secrets PDF

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

Inarguably, the top advantage is being able to completely upgrade your mindset about dating and relationships while also healing limiting beliefs you’ve developed, so you can finally open yourself up to the relationship and man you want. Then, Grandma jumps right into the details and she doesn’t leave any stones unturned. She has an amazing ability of relaying information in a way that is relatable and easy-to-understand. The tools and techniques are just as incredible.

The digital copy also makes it easy to access the tips whenever you need them, as the program gets downloaded onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Disadvantages of the Program

The program is digital and does not have a physical version available.


Grandma’s Subtle Secrets is a comprehensive collection of wisdom, perspective, advice, tools and techniques that are designed exclusively for women who are ready to grab the high-quality man and relationship they want. It’s really easy to use and implement, as examples and descriptions are provided. And hey, you have the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to see how the things you learn in this program can transform your love life.  

download grandma's subtle secrets PDF


How can I get a hardcopy if there isn’t a physical version available?

As mentioned, there is not a physical hardcopy available for Grandma’s Subtle Secrets as the program is entirely digital. However, you could always print the guide off at home or at a print shop if you’d like to have something to hold onto.

How long is the main guide?

The main manual consists of 198-pages. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be read all at once. Although, that isn’t hard to do either as the content captivates you and makes you want to keep reading. If you don’t like reading, there’s the audiobook version available as well.

How will I know if I’m applying the techniques properly?

The man’s reaction should tell you! All joking aside, the techniques and methods come with scenario examples and detailed explanations to help you learn and apply them correctly.

How can I contact the author if I have any questions?

The author can be contacted via their contact page on their official website. You can also leave us a message down below and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have.

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