Heartburn No More Review

Heartburn No More is a scientifically proven 5-step holistic program designed to eliminate acid reflux and heartburn quickly, effectively and permanently. There are few things worse than feeling like a ball of fire is traveling up your esophagus, which has resulted in many prescription medications and over-the-counter medications being available on the market. Unfortunately, many of these options are quite expensive and only mask the symptoms, instead of tackling the root cause of the problem to treat it once and for all. So, stop wasting your money and try the holistic Heartburn No More and learn natural ways to clear your body of the acid reflux and heartburn, and all the risks of series health problems that come with them.

Heartburn No More Review

What is Heartburn No More?

Excessive heartburn is a medical condition called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, or more simply, GERD. It’s a condition that affects millions of people and that has been proven to lead to other serious health problems, such as stomach ulcers, esophageal cancer, and gastritis. Unfortunately, many of the modern day medicines do not treat the root cause of the problem and only soothe the symptoms, so the condition remains and the future risks continue. Heartburn No More is the only online 5-step holistic system designed to eliminate and cure acid reflux and heartburn. It is 100% safe and natural, and you can even begin to feel relief in as little as 48 hours. Better yet, you can eliminate the problem entirely in 2 months time and all you have to do is follow 5 simple steps, which are:

  1. Dietary Changes and Digestion Optimization
  2. Tackling H. Pylori Infection
  3. Powerful and Unique Anti-Acid Reflux Nutritional Supplementation
  4. Unique Anti-Gerd Detoxification and Parasite Cleansing Protocol
  5. Eradicate Candida Infection and Flood Your System with Probiotics

I’ll explain the steps in just a moment but each one is easy to implement into your life and comes with step-by-step instructions and an abundance of valuable information so you know exactly what you’re doing and why it works. Some of the things you learn pertain to what’s going on in your body, the diagnosis process, signs and symptoms to look for, the risks and causes, and of course, the natural and holistic cures available to you. This provides you with quick relief and a long-term treatment option that comes with many additional benefits, such as:

  • Ability to cure acid reflux fast
  • Dramatic relief from heartburn
  • Elimination of burning sensations and chest pain
  • Getting rid of belching, flatulence and burping
  • Enhancement of your digestive and intestinal health
  • Achieve freedom from digestive disorders
  • Improved sleep
  • Elimination of your risk of high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and cancer that comes from prescription medications
  • Restoration of energy levels
  • Improved quality of your life

And with that, you’ll be happy to know that you do not have to wait to start treating your acid reflux and heartburn. The entire program is digital, so you just sign in and download the content right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This means that you don’t have to worry about shipping or carrying around a book with you wherever you go. As long as you have your electronic device with you, you have the valuable information and holistic treatment plan with you at all times. This also serves as a huge convenience, as you can read the program while commuting, while taking a break, while on the couch, at the park or waiting in line.

Now, if you’re new to the holistic approach, rest be assured with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to try the program out and since you can experience relief in as little as 48 hours, this is more than enough time to experience the value of this proven system.

Who is the Author of Heartburn No More?

Jeff Martin, certified nutritionist, health consultant, and medical researcher, is the author of Heartburn No More. He is also a best-selling author of many natural health programs and books on the market. Jeff is highly sought after for his holistic approach to healing a vast array of illnesses, conditions, and diseases.

Overview of Heartburn No More

Heartburn No More is a comprehensive program that makes it easy to understand acid reflux and heartburn, and the holistic treatment option available. The program is separated into different chapters to ensure an easy, enjoyable and gradual learning process that isn’t overwhelming. And all of the information is put together in a simple, 5-step program you can implement to start the healing process.

Here’s a look at the program in more depth:

Chapter 1

  1. Ten Facts About the Program
  2. Success is Yours
  3. How to Get The Most from the Book
  4. Get Rid of Acid Reflux Holistically

Chapter 2

  1. Section One: The Truth About Heartburn
    1. What is GERD (acid reflux)?
    2. The Real Cause of Acid Reflux
    3. Risk Factors for Reflux Disease
      1. Age
      2. Smoking and Alcohol
  • Medication Takers
  1. Obesity
  2. Pregnant Women
  3. How is GERD Diagnosed?
    1. PH Probe
    2. Esophageal Manometry
  • Upper Endoscopy
  1. Examination of the Throat and Larynx
  2. Gastric Emptying Studies
  3. Biopsy
  1. Signs and Symptoms of Reflux Disease
  2. Complications of Reflux Disease
    1. Natural Medicine vs. Convention Medicine
    2. The Crucial Differences
  • The Sad Truth of Heartburn Medications and the Medication Trap
  1. What GERD Treatments Does Conventional Medicine Offer?
  2. Over-The-Counter Medications, Prescription Treatments an Surgical Procedures
  3. The Holistic Medicine Way

Chapter 3

  1. 48 Hour Quick Results Mini Program
    1. Phase #1: Eliminate Acid Reflux Symptoms
      1. Conduct a Stomach Acid Test
      2. Secret Natural Items to Eliminate the Symptoms of Acid Reflux
  • The 7 Reflux Relief Principles
  1. Phase #2: Diet, H. Pylori, Cleansing
  2. Phase #3: De-Stress

Chapter 4

  1. The Complete 5-Step System
    1. Dietary Changes and Digestion Optimization
    2. Tackling H. Pylori Infection
    3. Powerful and Unique Anti-Acid Reflux Nutritional Supplementation
    4. Unique Anti-Gerd Detoxification and Parasite Cleansing Protocol
    5. Eradicate Candida Infection and Flood Your System with Probiotics
  2. Section Two: Stress Control, Exercise and Sleep Optimization
    1. Stress, GI Disorders and Acid Reflux
    2. Intro to Stress Control
    3. The Wonders of Meditation and Correct Breathing
    4. The Importance of Laughter
    5. The Magical Powers of Exercise
    6. The Exciting World of Photography
    7. Stress Control Through Mind Techniques
    8. Sleep Optimization Plan
    9. The Link Between Sleep, Deprivation, Sleeping Habits and Acid Reflux
    10. My Sleep Optimization Plan
    11. Notes on Chamomile

Chapter 5

  1. How to Prevent Heartburn and Maintain a Reflux-Free Environment
    1. Dietary Guidelines
    2. Supplementation Guidelines
    3. Cleansing Guidelines
    4. Stress Control and Sleep Optimization Guidelines

The program also comes with some bonuses for absolutely free:

  1. Bonus: How to Get Rid of bad Breath
  2. Bonus: 47 Amazing Herbal Remedies
  3. Bonus: Secrets to Sleeping Soundly
  4. Bonus: Walking For Life
  5. Bonus: The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation


Heartburn No More is an easy program that makes it even easier to eliminate acid reflux and heartburn one and for all. It is the only scientifically proven online holistic system available, and is designed to tackle the root cause of the problem to provide you with long-term relief. And hey, you even get two months to try it out. You just can’t go wrong with that.

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