Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts is the ultimate guide for women who want to learn how they can get any man they want enticed and wanting to invest more into them and their relationship, simply by feeding him the three ingredients that create healthy infatuation. While it can seem like men are incredibly difficult to understand, they are quite simple once you understand their love language and what keeps them interested and wanting more. And well, that’s precisely what you learn with this program.

Unlike other dating and relationship programs on the market, Infatuation Scripts doesn’t require you to recite awkward one-liners or make comments that are entirely out of your character. Instead, it works with you, providing you with a little nudge in the right direction that allows you to navigate all situations in a way that is true to you and that gets those three ingredients of infatuation fired up. It isn’t about changing who you are or what you want but rather, using what you got to get exactly what you want. 

Infatuation Scripts Review

What is Infatuation Scripts?

Dating isn’t easy, but it sure becomes easier when you have a program downloaded onto your tech devices that gives you professional advice and tips anytime you need them. Infatuation Scripts is an online program designed to help women land the high-quality man they want and keep him coming back for more, simply by feeding him the three ingredients for infatuation. It’s a comprehensive system that breaks down how men get enticed and stay interested in a woman, so you know how to navigate through every conversation, date, and situation, leaving him wanting more. The program provides you with an abundance of key information and techniques that teach you how to understand the inner workings of a man and how to use the three ingredients for infatuation to feed his desire.

Infatuation Scripts covers important topics that can help you create a strong, healthy relationship as well. Some of these topics include common habits women repeat that cause breakup, infatuation triggers, steps that lead to infatuation, the power of curiosity, and so much more.

The program can be used by any woman and on any man, as it’s based on the ‘love language’ of men. It can also be used whether you’re single, in a long-term relationship or trying to win your ex over.

Here is a sneak peek at what the program comes with:

  • Main Manual
  • Audio Files
  • Video Series
  • Free Bonus #1: The Commitment Calculator
  • Free Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours for Life
  • Free Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out
Infatuation Scripts Download Page
The download page for the Infatuation Scripts program.
This is where and how you will access the program’s materials.

Everything is digital, meaning you receive instant access to the program and all of the bonuses. You can download the program in PDF files, audio files or video files, and right onto your personal tech devices for quick access anytime, anywhere. This also means you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your doorstep and you can pull up the program right on your smartphone or tablet when you’re out and need a quick refresher.

Who is the author of Infatuation Scripts?

Dating and relationship coach, Clayton Max, is the author of Infatuation Scripts. He has coached men specifically for over 10 years and because of that, he has become the “go-to guy” for all of his female friends whenever they have dating or relationship problems.  Due to his experience, Clayton has identified some common themes women have when dating and used his professional and personal experience to develop strategies that help women overcome their problems and get the result they want.  

Summary of Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts is the ultimate program for women who are ready to learn how they can make any man they want completely infatuated with them in a healthy way, of course, to create a powerful relationship.  The program comes with professional advice and expert strategies that teach women how to adjust their approach with men and in different situations to continuously feed them the 3 ingredients that manifest infatuation and get them wanting to invest more into you and the relationship. It covers a variety of different situations, problems, conversations and scenarios you may find yourself in, so you know what to do in those moments to keep the spark alive. You’ll find plenty of script examples, templates, definitions and journal prompts as well, as well as quick recaps at the end of each chapter to help you master the things you learn.

The program is put together for you in one, easy-to-read guide. However, it’s sectioned off based on the three key ‘ingredients’ for creating infatuation. To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the program as a whole, here is a more detailed look at what you can expect throughout:

Main Manual

  • Introduction
    • The ‘right man’ myth
    • What is infatuation?
      • Phase 1: Lust
      • Phase 2: Infatuation
      • Phase 3: Attachment
    • Infatuation is binary
    • Liking vs. Infatuation 
    • What triggers infatuation?
      • Three ingredients
    • How to use this program
    • On game-playing
  • Ingredient #1: Curiosity
    • Why is curiosity important?
    • The mindset
    • How to kill his curiosity
    • Arousing his curiosity
    • Curiosity Hook #1: Contrasting Qualities
    • Curiosity Hook #2: Intrigue Loops
      • Intrigue openers
      • Cliffhanger scripts
    • Curiosity Hook #3: Teasers
      • Playfully elusive scripts
      • Shift the spotlight scripts
    • Curiosity Review

The first ‘ingredient’ to the program is creating curiosity. It is how a man gets intrigued by you and determines how badly he wants to know more. It works in several ways and makes sure that he sees you in a way that gets him wanting more, and this section of the program teaches you all about that. In addition to helpful information, it also comes with some hooks you can use to really activate curiosity, no matter what stage you’re in with the guy you want.

  • Ingredient #2: Investment
    • What is investment?
    • The investment Effect
    • Absolute vs. Relative investment
    • How do you get him to invest more
    • Investment Key #1: Set His Expectations
      • Expectation scripts
    • Investment Key #2: Reciprocity
      • Offer and Ask scripts
      • Matching
      • Matching Scripts
    • Investment #3: Shaping
      • The rewarding mindset
      • What to reward
      • How to reward
    • Investment framing
    • Investment review

The second ‘ingredient’ is investment. It’s all about how much time, effort, and energy gets put into you and your relationship by the guy you want. But most importantly, this portion of the program teaches you how to make him want to invest more and feel more strongly about you. This creates ‘The Investment Effect’, which you learn more about in this section and you even learn powerful techniques for activating a natural flow of infatuation.

  • Ingredient #3: Romantic Tension
    • What is romantic tension?
    • Emotional foreplay
      • Healthy vs. unhealthy tension
    • Romantic tension through the phases of your relationship
      • In the early stages
      • In a long-term relationship
      • When you’ve broken up and want him back
    • What creating romantic tension signals about you
    • Tension Generator #1: Independence
      • The 3 levels of independence
        • Low
        • Excessive
        • Healthy
    • How to signal healthy independence
      • What does it mean to be independent?
    • Independence scripts
      • Independence scripts – after sex
      • Projection questions
      • Post-flake scripts
      • Journal prompts for reflection
    • Romantic Tension Generator #2: Uncertainty
      • The importance of uncertainty in the early stages of dating
      • How uncertainty signals you’re a high-value, integrated woman
      • Pressure and uncertainty – sex vs. relationship
      • How to make a man feel pressured

The third ‘ingredient’ is creating romantic tension. This section is all about knowing how to build anticipation, tease him, playfully frustrate him and not give him exactly what he wants right away, so he keeps coming back for more until he is in full blown infatuation mode. It teaches you valuable techniques that help you build tension and release it over and over again, to keep the spark and interest alive.

  • Bonus Tension Generator: Qualification
    • Why is qualification so powerful
    • Before and after sex
    • The wrong way to qualify him
    • Technique #1: Screening Questions
    • Technique #2: Gradual Approval
    • Technique #3: Playful Disqualification
  • Uncertainty Trigger #3: A Barrier
    • Desire vs. Need
    • Indifference vs. Ambivalence
    • What is a barrier
    • Why are barriers do important
    • Using barriers
    • Barrier scripts
  • Pressure and Uncertainty – Sex vs. Relationships
  • How to Make a Man Feel Pressured
  • How to Arouse Uncertainty
  • Showing vs. Telling
  • Uncertainty Review
  • Final Words
Infatuation Scripts Table of Contents
The table of contents for Infatuation Scripts PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • The program doesn’t require you to change who you want or what you want. It works with you, providing you all the knowledge and techniques needed to work your specific magic.
  • Comes with a vast array of options and ways to respond to different situations to trigger infatuation in any scenario you may find yourself in. This also allows you to choose the best approach for you.
  • Digital copy means that you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your doorstep, as everything is available to you online.
  • Program can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for private access anytime, anywhere.
  •  60 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to use the program risk-free for two months to see what it’s all about and how it can transform your love life.

Disadvantages of the Program

Infatuation Scripts is a digital program, which comes with many benefits as you can download this as your secret weapon right onto your own personal tech devices. This can be done as a PDF, audio or video. However, since it is digital, this also means that a physical package will not get mailed out to you (but there is an alternative, which I mention in just a moment).


Infatuation Scripts is a simple program designed to help women gain all the knowledge needed to take control of their love life by learning how to feed any man they want the 3 key ingredients for captivating a high-quality man. The program is all about making simple adjustments to your approach, instead of completely changing who you are and what you want. It’s infused with powerful techniques and expert tips and advice that any woman can use (and that work on any man), and there are many different options to choose from based on who you are and the man you want. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee also means you can use the program for two months, risk-free! You just can’t go wrong with that.

Download Infatuation Scripts PDF


How can I get a physical copy of the program if it’s digital?

As mentioned, a physical hardcopy of the program is not available as the program is entirely digital and available in three different options – a PDF file, audio files or video files, allowing you to use a format that best suits you. However, you can download and print the PDF guide off at home as an alternative.

What file formats does the program come in?

The program can be used online or downloaded in a PDF file, audio files or video files.

How will I know if I’m using the program properly?

One of the great things about the program is how detailed it is. All of the methods and techniques come with detailed descriptions and steps, as well as examples and templates for different scenarios, and so on and so forth. This ensures you know exactly what to do to perform the methods properly to get exactly what you want in your love life.

Are there any discounts available for the program?

Discounts have not been released for this program and they are not expected, as it is already reasonably priced. It also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try the program out. However, if this were to change and discounts were available, it would be announced on the program’s official website.

Is there anyone I can contact if I have questions or concerns?

Yes. The program comes with a support page where you can submit a ticket to the author and their team. You can also leave us a message down below and we’ll do our best to assist you in every way we can.

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