Keto Breads Review

Keto Breads is a delicious online program that teaches you how to still enjoy all of the breaded and baked goodies that you love, only without the harmful ingredients found in both traditional and gluten-free options. When someone wants to improve their health or weight, they typically resort to cutting gluten out of their diet. However, studies show that a gluten-free diet isn’t necessarily the healthiest option, nor is it always recommended because approximately 81% of people who make this switch find themselves weighing more in just two years. Yes, you read that right. Imagine cutting out all of the breaded treats you love for gluten-free options (that are never as good), all in an effort to improve your weight, only to end up weighing more. Sounds like a total bummer to me! The good news is that you’ll never be able to enjoy bread again or that healthier bread doesn’t exist. You just need the right recipes and that’s what Keto Breads is here for.

With Keto Breads, you receive the ultimate guide for baking and enjoying mouth-watering breads that are keto-friendly and paleo-friendly. This means the recipes you learn how to bake are made with real, natural and healthy ingredients that align with your goals. The science behind this program has perfected the process of making the world’s healthier bread that still has the satisfying taste, texture and flavour of your favourite baked goods. You don’t need any fancy cooking or baking equipment, nor do you have to spend a ton of money on organic ingredients. A quick trip to your local grocery store combined with this program, and you can start enjoying bread again!

Keto Breads Review

What is Keto Breads?

It isn’t very often that you get offered a “healthy bread alternative” and it actually tastes good. Even if the flavour is bearable, the delicious, fluffy texture that makes breaded foods so good is rarely comparable. So, you feel like you’re stuck with the unhealthy ingredients found in traditional or gluten-free bread options that are also making you gain weight while simultaneously putting your physical, mental and emotional health at risk. But there is another option and one that tastes just as good as the breaded foods you love.

Keto Breads is an online, keto-friendly and paleo-friendly program that is designed to help people learn how to enjoy the breaded goods they love without all of the harmful ingredients. It’s based on endless hours of research, science and trial-and-error to find the perfect way to make healthy bread that still has the same texture and taste you love.

But it isn’t only recipes, although that is certainly the best part! Keto Breads also takes the time to provide you with valuable information that will help you understand the importance of making the switch to healthier bread options. One of the main things you learn is what makes the recipes in this program so different. All of the bread recipes are paleo and keto-friendly, meaning they’re made with real ingredients. They do not contain chemicals, toxins, preservatives or other modern-day junk that is commonly found in food, especially breads. The recipes also do not contain gluteomorphins and casomorphins. These two ingredients are common in traditional breads and cheeses. Unfortunately, they are highly addictive and trigger the same brain receptors as heroin and morphine. And of course, they’re high in healthy fat and low in carbs!

Now, when you think of bread, you likely only think about loaves of bread or buns. However, Keto Breads covers it all. Here’s a sneak peek at the different recipe categories covered:

  1. Loaf Breads
  2. Flat Breads
  3. Breakfast Breads
  4. Rolls and Buns
  5. Crackers, Croutons and Crusts
  6. Healthy Substitutions

In addition to receiving an abundance of recipes from each category, you also learn the

the science of creating that fluffy taste and texture of baked goods that make them so yummy. No fancy kitchen equipment needed either! You even receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with the program, so you can try some of the recipes out before and see how easy they are to make (and eat!). Everything is digital, so you receive instant access as soon as you purchase. You don’t have to wait for shipping or make room for more cookbooks in your kitchen. Instead, you just download the material onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and it’s all there for you whenever you are ready to start baking.

keto breads download page
A look at Keto Breads’ Download Page – This is where you will access the program’s materials.

Who is the Author of Keto Breads?

Founder and author of Nutritionist Biochemist, Kelley Herring, is the creator of the popular Keto Breads program. She has her M.S. and M.B.A. and has earned the title of creating the world’s healthiest bread after spending more than 10 years perfecting the process. Kelly has since founded Healing Gourmet, where she provides expert advice, recipes and tips on health and therapeutic nutrition. She also authored the Keto Desserts program.

Summary of Keto Breads

Keto Breads is the ultimate digital cookbook for anyone who loves to enjoy the fluffy taste and texture of bread from time-to-time but without all of the health and weight gain risks. With this program, you receive delicious recipes for all of the baked breaded foods you could ever need. Each recipe is made with real, keto-friendly and paleo-friendly ingredients, contain zero gluteomorphins and casomorphins, and include detailed measurements, nutritional information, simple step-by-step instructions, and much more. The wet and dry ingredients are even separated into different sections, so you can easily find what you need.

Keto Breads also covers a vast array of important topics, such as:

  • How most “Gluten Free” bread options are worse for your health
  • Eating bread and being well
  • Healthy versions of classic comfort foods
  • New rules of baking
  • How to stock your pantry and kitchen
  • Reading measurements and conversions
  • Getting the best “rise” from your bread
  • Achieving the perfect proofing environment
  • How to tell when your breads are done
  • Cooling your bread
  • Properly storing and freezing your bread
  • Egg wash vs. water spray vs. oil drizzle
  • Allergies, intolerances and healthy substitutions

Here’s a closer look at the different types of recipes you learn how to make with this program:

  1. Loaf Breads
    • Sesame-Onion Sandwich Bread
    • Classic Sandwich Loaf
    • Hearty Sandwich Bread
    • Summer Zucchini Breads
    • Better Banana Bread
    • “Corn” Bread
    • French Bread
    • Protein Bread
    • Cashew Sourdough Bread
    • Almond Butter Bread
    • Rye Bread

If it comes in a loaf, you will find the recipe in this section. As you can see, it covers all types of loaf bread options – from the classic sandwich loaf to innovative, gourmet breads.

  1. Flatbreads
    • Pita Pockets
    • No Gordita Tortillas
    • Zucchini Panini Bread
    • Rosemary Focaccia

Just as the name suggests, this is where you’ll find all of your flat bread recipes. The No Gordita Tortillas are really interesting, and they’re only 85 calories!

  1. Breakfast Breads
    • English Muffins
    • Better Bagels
    • Superfat NY Bagels
    • Southern Style Biscuits
    • Drop Biscuits

Start your day off in this category with all of the breakfast bread recipes you crave. The ‘Better Bagels’ are perfect for curbing your craving and pair flawless with Paleo Cream “Cheese” and smoked wild salmon.

  1. Rolls and Buns
    • Better Burger Buns and Sub Rolls
    • Burger Buns
    • Herbed Dinner Rolls
    • Cheddar Slider Buns

Hamburger buns, sandwich buns, dinner rolls and more. Gone are the days of eating a burger without a bun or a wrap without the wrap.

  1. Crackers, Croutons and Crusts
    • Croutons and Bread Crumbs
    • Herbed Cheddar Crackers
    • Sesame-Dijon Crackers
    • No-Ritos Nacho Chips
    • Pizza Crust

Your favourite cracker snacks aren’t forgotten about either. In this section, you learn how to make all of the crackers, croutons and crusts you could ever need for a good snack or accent to your meals.

  1. Healthy Substitutions
    • Homemade Grain-Free Baking Powder
    • Daily-Free Sour Cream
    • Cream “Cheese”

This section covers the healthier substitutions that you may choose to use to enhance the recipes or to make them more suited for you.  

Keto Breads Table of Contents
The table of contents for Keto Breads PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

One of the first advantages I noticed with Keto Breads is how detailed the program is. From the different topics to the delicious recipes, every angle is covered and filled with helpful information. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how easy the recipes are to follow and bake, and how delicious they taste. You get to have the breaded goodies with all of the taste and texture you love, but without all of the harmful ingredients and the stress and mess that often comes with baking breads. There are also so many different types of breads you learn how to make and it’s all stored on your personal tech devices in one file. So, as long as you have your tech device with you, everything is readily available to you at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. And hey, you can even try them out risk-free for two months with the money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of the Program

The program is not available in a physical hardcopy. However, there are far more benefits that come with the digital version.


Keto Breads is a comprehensive program that is the ultimate guide to learning how to bake delicious, healthy, keto-friendly breads that have the taste and texture you love! It teaches you about the ingredients you’re cooking with (and others that you should avoid), as well as valuable baking hacks, rules of baking, how to properly store and freeze your breads, and much more. It gives you the recipes and steps needed, so you can enjoy all the breads varieties you want, without sacrificing your health or weight loss goals. You even get two months to take a bite with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download Keto Breads PDF


Are the ingredients difficult or expensive to obtain?

No. There are no foreign or strange ingredients that are difficult to find or expensive to acquire. Since all of the recipes are paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly, you’ll only be baking with real ingredients, which can easily be found at your local grocery store, health food store or online. Some of the substitute options are easier to find online at places such as Amazon.

Are these recipes safe for a diabetic?

Anytime you have an underlying health condition such as diabetes, it’s important to go through with a health professional before making any major changes to your diet. However, the recipes in Keto Breads follow a keto-friendly and paleo approach, meaning they’re low in carbs and high in healthy fats, and made with real ingredients. All of these things have been proven to be beneficial for managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Is this just a keto-friendly recipe book?

No. This program is much more than a recipe book. Instead, it’s a detailed guide on how to perfect the process of baking breads using low-carb, gluten-free, natural ingredients. It covers a vast array of additional topics, including health tips, good substitutes, important health knowledge, baking tips and more.

What if I’m allergic to a certain ingredient in the recipe?

The program provides you with substitution options if you suffer from allergies.

Download Keto Breads PDF

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