Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge Review

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is an online program designed to help people over the age of 40 transition into the ketogenic diet while also ensuring their nutritional needs are met. Numerous studies have proven that the keto diet is a beneficial style of eating that can result in healthy, sustainable weight loss. However, there have also been studies that show the traditional, strict, super-low-carb approach to be potentially dangerous for people over 40. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t harness the benefits of keto; you just have to do so in a way that is appropriate for your body and that’s precisely what Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is designed to help you do.

With Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge, you’ll be following the two golden rules for burning fat once you reach the age of 40 while also following a keto blueprint to allow your body to remain in ketosis. This allows for an extra boost of health and weight loss benefits. The program sets you up with everything you need over the next three weeks so you can learn the process, develop new, healthy habits and continue to thrive on keto over 40.


What is the Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge?

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is a comprehensive keto program designed exclusively for men and women over the age of 40 who want to transition into the keto diet while also ensuring their nutritional needs are met. It’s a unique system that can be summed up as ‘keto with a twist’ as it follows two golden rules for losing weight once you’re over the age of 40:

  1. Burn more calories than you eat 
  2. Minimize the empty calories (carbs) in your diet

These two golden rules are based on research done by weight loss experts who have found that, by following these two things, you can lose sustainable weight and the ketogenic diet is the perfect way to implement these two rules. However, there is one slight difference; with this program you’ll being eating low-empty-carbs and high-fat foods instead of eliminating all carbs.  So, you can still eat healthy foods that are considered to be high in carbs because, well, they’re healthy! This also helps you meet your nutritional needs without breaking ketosis.

Now, all of the research and planning has already been done for you and put together into seven guides that guide you along the process. I’ll explain these guides in more detail in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

  • Keto Diet – The Basics in Plain English
  • Macros – A Micro Look At Macronutrients
  • Ketosis – In a Nutshell
  • Beating The Keto Flu – Managing The Side Effects
  • Intermittent Fasting – Tips for Success
  • Your Keto and Your Friends – Keto in Social Settings
  • Eating on Keto – Meal Plan and Tips for Curbing Cravings
  • 28-Day Challenge
    • Free Bonus #1: Screw Willpower
    • Free Bonus #2: Keto Slow Cooker Digital Cookbook
    • Free Bonus #3: Keto Party Snacks Digital Cookbook
    • Free Bonus#4: Keto Fat Bombs Digital Cookbook

The system is entirely digital, meaning you receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase online. You can also download the guides right onto your personal tech devices for convenient access on-the-go. The program is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try the entire system out for two months risk-free.

Summary of Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge

Keto Over 40 28-Day Challenge is an online program that consists of seven guides and two free bonus guides that teaches you everything you need to know about going keto when you’re older than 40 years of age. It’s a comprehensive system that breaks down important topics into the different guides to ensure a proper understanding of the program’s approach, as it is slightly different from the traditional keto blueprint.  Then, it shows you exactly how to implement the things you’ve learned. This includes simple step-by-step instructions, food lists, a keto pyramid, recipes, grocery lists and so much more. Each guide also ends with a worksheet you can use to help put your newfound information into action.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect from the different guides:

Keto Diet – The Basics

  • Introduction
  • Basics of the Keto Diet
  • Keto Diet Goals
  • Realistic and Achievable Goals
  • Getting Started
    • Food Shopping
      • Shopping List
      • Keto Food Pyramid
    • Supplies
  • Tips for Success
  • Foods to Enjoy
  • Foods I Enjoy Worksheet

New to keto? This guide has you covered, not only on keto but also, how to do keto over the age of 40. It is your go-to resource for learning the ins and outs so you can get started on a knowledgeable path towards success. You’ll also find pre-made grocery shopping lists and a keto food pyramid in this section so you can easily see what keto-friendly foods you should pick up at the store.

Macros – A Micro Look at Macronutrients

  • What are Macros?
  • Calculating Your Macros
  • How Your Calorie Count Changes As You Age
  • Net Carbs.Vs. Total Carbs
  • How Much Should I cut?
  • Fat is Your Friend
  • The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Protein: What You Need to Know
  • Fiber in Your 40s (And beyond)
  • Hidden Carbs
  • Can I Eat It?
  • Worksheet: My Daily Macros

Sharpen up on your macro knowledge with this guide. It has everything covered from the basic information about macronutrients to calculating your macros and ways to ensure you’re getting everything you need.

Ketosis – In a Nutshell

  • What is Ketosis
  • Entering Ketosis
    • Seven Tips to Jumpstart Your Ketosis
  • Entering Ketosis in Three Days or Less
  • How to Know You Are In Ketosis
  • Testing methods
  • Ketone Levels
  • Staying in Ketosis
  • Cycling out of Ketosis
  • Worksheet: Ketone Levels

This guide isn’t about keto, it’s about ketosis which is the state your body goes into by using the keto diet. You learn all about that and much more in this guide, as well as extra tips for jumpstarting your progress, tracking your ketosis, staying in ketosis and much more.

Beating the Keto Flu – Managing The Side Effects

  • What is The Keto Flu?
  • Electrolytes
    • Magnesium
    • Calcium
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
  • Importance of Hydration
  • Supplements
  • Top Tips to Beat Your Keto Flu
  • Worksheet: Daily Electrolyte Intake

By now, you’ve likely heard of the keto flu. This guide covers everything you need to know about what to expect and how to quickly overcome any side effects you may experience. It also comes with a worksheet so you can track your electrolyte intake and make sure you’re keeping the keto flu at bay.

Intermittent Fasting – Tips for Success

  • What is Intermittent Fasting
  • Why I.F.
  • Type of I.F.
  • What Will Break The Fast
  • Tips for Success

Intermittent fasting isn’t mandatory in order to use keto, but it can certainly speed up your process and that’s what this guide teaches you. It covers the basics of I.F., the different types to choose from, why you want to consider adding I.F. into your regime and much more.

Your Keto and Your Friends – Keto in Social Settings

  • Social Pressure
    • Family
    • Friends and Coworkers
  • Eating Out
  • Alcohol and Keto

Inarguably, this is one of the most important guides for your success as you transition over to Keto Over Forty because the social pressure can get real intense, especially if you’re a social butterfly. This guide provides you with plenty of tips on staying true to the goals you’ve set out for yourself even when out with family, friends or co-workers. It even gives you some awesome tips for eating keto at a fast food joint.

Eating on Keto – Meal Plan and Tips for Curbing Cravings

  • Getting Started
  • Making this Meal Plan Work For You
  • Adding Fats to Your Diet
  • Your Cravings: Decoded
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Snacks

In this guide, you get some insider information on creating a meal plan and sticking with it! It teaches you some basic tips, such as keeping a variety of meals within your repertoire and the benefits of doing so, and also comes with some delicious recipes to try.

In addition to these guide, you also receive three bonuses, which are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Chocolate Fat Bombs and Desserts
  • Free Bonus #2: 28 Keto Party Snacks
  • Free Bonus #3: 28 Keto Slow Cooker Meals

 The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Teaches you how to go keto at the age of 40 plus, while also ensuring your nutritional needs are met
  • Less intense than the traditional keto blueprint, resulting in an easier transition and fewer “keto flu” side effects (if any)
  • Recipes are interchangeable so you can find the ones that best suit your taste buds
  • Provides you with all the support you need – from getting started to chowing down
  • Comes with detailed knowledge that teaches you the process, as well as recipes, food lists, tips, hacks and so much more
  • Digital version makes it easy to stick with the regime as you have access to it anytime, anywhere
  • Can download the guides onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the program out risk-free

Disadvantages of the Program

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is a digital program, meaning it is available to you online or to download onto your smartphone, tablet or computer. This comes with many benefits but it also means that a physical package isn’t sent out to you. Instead, all of the material is available digitally as PDF guides.


Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is an online program that teaches people over 40 how to follow a ketogenic diet plan while also ensuring their nutritional needs are met. It is a comprehensive system that has been strategically planned for men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who want to harness the benefits of keto while avoiding the potential age-related risks. It comes with all of the information, tips, steps, and recipes needed to succeed and you can even give it a try risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.



Is there a way I can get a physical copy shipped to me?

The program is only offered digitally, which comes with many advantages as it is quite comprehensive and consists of a variety of guides. With that said, you can download the guides and have them printed off at a local print shop to have a physical hardcopy to hold onto.

Is the method used safe?

Numerous studies have confirmed that the ketogenic diet is a healthy way to eat and live. However, there are some potential risks by following the traditional guidelines without taking your age into consideration. As such, this program has made alterations to avoid these risks and to ensure a keto-friendly plan that provides all of the nutritional needs for men and women over 40. So, it should be safe, if not safer than typical keto. However, just like with any diet change, you may wish to consult with your doctor if you have any concerns, are on medication or have any underlying health conditions.

Are there any side-effects to take note of?

With any diet change, your body will likely experience some side effects due to the changes. However, these are often temporary until your body adjusts. The program also provides you with a guide to help you overcome any side effects you may experience.  Additionally, since the program doesn’t focus on complete carb elimination, you are less likely to experience the infamous “keto flu” with this program.

Are the recipes easy to make?

Absolutely. All of the recipes are made with affordable ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store and they’re all relatively easy to make. You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment or tools either.

What if I don’t like the recipes?

The program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to try the program out risk-free for two months. Keep in mind, it can take a little bit for your taste buds to get used to the new flavours of your food. The recipes are also interchangeable so you can find the ones that best suit your preferences.

What makes this program different from all of the other keto diets?

The main difference, as mentioned previously, is that Keto Over 40 28-Day Challenge has been created with the nutritional needs of men and women over 40, a significant factor, as traditional keto has been shown to create potential risks and hormonal declines for people over 40.

Will I have to take any strange supplements while on the program?

No. There are no strange supplements or exotic herbs mentioned.

Where can I find a discount for this program?

The authors have not released any discounts for this program, as it is already reasonably priced to fit into most people’s budget. However, if this were to change, it would be announced on the program’s official website.

Is there anyone I can contact if I have a question?

Of course! We would be happy to assist you the best way we can if you’d like to leave us a comment down below. Additionally, you can contact the author and their support team via email or phone, which you receive access to upon purchase.


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