Mend The Marriage Review

Mend The Marriage is the ultimate guide for stopping divorce and saving your marriage without having to go into financial stress with an expensive therapist, as it brings all of the advice right to you. Whether you’re dealing with infidelity or dishonesty, a lack of passion or feelings of growing apart, abuse, have children involved or are dealing with something more extreme, this program is designed to help all couples identify and overcome their situations.

Mend The Marriage provides you with professional guidance and advice from a marriage and divorce specialist who has worked with all types of different couples and crises. It can be done right in the comfort of your own home (and on your personal tech devices for private use), without any in-person sessions or massive price tags.

Mend The Marriage Review

What is Mend The Marriage?

There are few things as difficult as hearing yourself or your partner say the big ‘D’ word: divorce. Mend The Marriage is an online program designed to help couples experiencing difficulties or who are on the brink of a breaking point (or hanging on for dear life). It brings professional guidance, advice and counseling to you for a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions, and is designed to work with all types of marriages, struggles, situations or crisis.

Mend The Marriage has been created for both men and women and can also be used solo or as a couple. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault or what brought you to this point. Instead, the focus is on identifying the problems, and overcoming them in a healthy, positive way that can save your marriage. But that’s not all.

With this program, you not only learn how to save your marriage but you also receive powerful tools for strengthening your bond and reigniting the flame so you and your partner can continue on with this new, healthy beginning. It encourages you to draw upon and reinforce your inner qualities to make your marriage work; by finding the strength and courage needed into those difficult moments.

Mend The Marriage uses an exclusive method called ‘The ACBD System’. It can be used to heal all types of problems, and consists of the following steps:

  • Accept the situation
  • Build resilience
  • Commit to change
  • Dedicate yourself to the task

The program (and the free bonuses) are available to you immediately after purchase, where you can access them online or download them to your personal tech devices. This allows for private use in the comfort of your own home or whenever you find yourself facing an obstacle in your marriage.

Mend The Marriage Download Page
Mend The Marriage System – Download Page (Preview)

Who is the Author of Mend The Marriage?

Brad Browning is the author of Mend The Marriage. He has worked as a professional relationship coach and divorce and breakup specialist for over 10 years. Brad is well known for his success working with all different kinds of couples, struggles and situations, and for his ability to help people overcome common and uncommon obstacles. 

Summary of Mend The Marriage

Mend The Marriage is a comprehensive program designed to help people learn how they can stop divorce in its tracks and save their marriage on their own. It brings professional advice and guidance to you right in the comfort of your own home.

The program is made up of a main manual, which can be downloaded as an eBook or an audiobook, a 7-video series, and special worksheets that help you put what you’ve learned into action.

To give you an idea of what the program covers as a whole, here is a quick breakdown of the different sections that makeup the written guide:

  • Introduction
  • Section One: You Can Mend This Marriage On Your Own
    • Here’s Where We Are
    • How Did We Get Here?
    • Where Can We Go from Here?
    • Doing It Alone
      • Getting Your Spouse to Re-Commit to Marriage

If you’re wondering how you got to where you are now – reading this program, then the first section speaks right to you. Or perhaps you already know what problems your marriage is having. In this section, you learn the important steps to making any form of couple counseling, be it traditional sessions or this book, successful. There’s also a section called ‘Ask The Counselor’ where a licensed counselor answers specific questions that other users have asked while using the program.

  • Section Two: Introducing the ABCD System
    • Accept the Situation
      • Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Accept the Situation
      • Developing Your Inner Qualities
    • Build Resilience
      • Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Build Resilience
      • Building Emotional Resilience
      • Building Physical Resilience
        • Immediate Impact Action #1
      • Building Mental Resilience
        • Immediate Impact Action #2

In section two, it’s all about the importance of keeping yourself calm and healthy as you work through the challenges your marriage is experiencing. It gives you some incredible tools to use to keep yourself collected and some inner qualities to call upon when you need an extra dose of strength and confidence.

  • Section Three: Stop Fighting With Your Spouse and Start Fighting For Your Spouse
    • Three Stages of a Relationship
    • Family Systems Theory
    • Commit to Change
      • Immediate Impact Action #3
    • Take Care of Your Connection Account
      • Big Six Bond Builders
      • Immediate Impact Action #4
    • Say It So You’re Understood
      • Immediate Impact Action #5

This section is all about learning how to fight together vs. against one another. It helps you navigate through those difficult situations that make you want to scream but how to express and continue through as a team, instead of as opponents. You receive some actionable steps you can take for immediate results and the big six bond builders should definitely remind you of what parts of the relationship are lacking – and what to do about it.

  • Section Four: Dedicate Yourself to The Task
    • Think It Through
      • Immediate Impact Action #6
    • Find Your Role
      • Immediate Impact Action #7
    • Assess Your Connection Account
      • Immediate Impact Action #8
      • Credit vs. Debit Behaviors
    • Make Changes
      • How This Impacts Genders
    • A Note About Changing Your Mind

By the time you’ve made it to this section of the program, you’ll have likely implemented some small changes and seen some positive results. Now it’s time to learn the final part stage of the ABCD system: dedication. Not only do you learn what this part is all about but you also receive a variety of techniques to help you assess parts of your relationship that need change.

  • Section Five: Special Considerations
    • Managing Anger
      • The Dispute Defusing System
    • Sex and Intimacy
    • Affairs and Infidelity
      • Recovering From An Affair
    • Mental Health and Addictions
    • Abuse
      • Are You Being Abused?
    • Children

In section five, a variety of special circumstances are addressed. These may not apply to everyone using Mend The Marriage, but if they do apply to you, you won’t want to skip over this part. Despite what all of your friends and family members may be saying about these circumstances, this book doesn’t tell you to just pack up and leave. Instead, it gives you valuable and healthy advice that can help you overcome these problems. For example, it doesn’t tell you to never get angry but rather, “the healthiest way to express your anger is to do so in an assertive, non-aggressive way”.

  • Section Six: Your Happy Future

This last section is a quick recap of things to remember as you move forward towards your happy future together. For example, it gives you a list of simple things to make an effort doing to keep your new romantic relationship thriving.

Mend The Marriage Table of Contents
Mend The Marriage PDF – Table of Contents (Preview)

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Receive expert, professional advice, techniques and guidance
  • Can do it in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace
  • Doesn’t why away from difficult subjects or situations
  • Covers a variety of different scenarios, marriages and problems
  • Digital copy allows you to keep your situation private (away from kids, nosey neighbours, the mailman, intrusive in-laws, etc.)
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantage of the Program

The only disadvantage I found is if you are set on receiving a physical hardcopy that you can keep to yourself as you try to navigate through these difficulties you’re experiencing. Mend The Marriage is digital, so there won’t be anything shipped to you; you won’t have to jolt to the door to snag your package before your partner does. Additionally, the digital version can be downloaded right onto your private tech devices, such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet, which should give you even more confidence.


Mend the Marriage is the ultimate guide for learning how to stop a divorce and save your marriage. Designed for both men and women, this program navigates a variety of common and uncommon situations, difficulties and crises that can occur in a marriage, and just as many effective solutions. It aims to repair the marriage using an exclusive ‘ABCD’ method that can work with all couples, marriages and problems. If you feel your marriage has gone far beyond the point of repair, you have nothing to lose by giving this a try, especially since it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Download Mend The Marriage PDF


Is there a physical copy of the program available and if so, how do I go about receiving it?

Mend The Marriage is a digital program so there is no physical copy available for purchase. However, as an alternative, you can download the PDF copy of the program and print it off to serve as a physical hardcopy. Keep in mind, there is also an audiobook version available and the digital versions allows you to access the program immediately, sans waiting or paying for shipping.

Will the program work if I’m the one who messed up in the marriage?

The program doesn’t work in a sense of – you’re right and your partner is wrong, or vice versa. Instead, it takes a look at the entire picture from a variety of angles to unveil the problems, scenarios and situations you’re dealing with. It then works to help you find and implement solutions that allow you and your partner to grow both as individuals and as a couple. So, the answer would be – yes, the program will work if you’re the one at fault or if your partner is at fault because at the end of the day, that’s not a factor that is really focused on.

How do I know the advice and guidance is trustworthy?

The author of the program is Brad Browning, a world-renowned successful relationship coach who specializes in breakups, divorces, relationships and conflict resolution. He has made appearances on popular platforms, such as YourTango,, Vice Media, and you can find more out about his professional background with a quick search of his name.

If I need personal, one-on-one advice or guidance, who can I contact?

The author has a section on their website called ‘Seeking Brad’s Advice’, where you can send him a message about your specific concerns or situation and receive personal guidance.

Has the author created any other programs worth looking at?

Yes, the author also created ‘The Ex Factor Guide’ that has found great success. Although, it’s more for ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, instead of mending a marriage.

Download Mend The Marriage PDF

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