Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

Penis Enlargement Remedy is an online program designed to help men learn a safe and natural way to increase their penis size in length and girth simply by using a scientific process that involves transferring stem cells from one area in the body to another. It comes at an excellent time, as 94% of women want a penis size over 8 inches, according to studies. There’s also nothing worse than feeling insecure about your penis size and then having to perform. Unfortunately, penis enlargement surgery costs approximately $15,000, is not covered by insurance, and is an intensively invasive procedure that requires a significant amount of downtime. It’s an extreme option that most men don’t even want to think about, let alone go under the knife for. The other route is the over-the-counter male enhancement options that are not only temporary but that studies have proven to be potentially dangerous.

With Penis Enlargement Remedy, you learn a comprehensive system that teaches you effective, natural and non-invasive techniques for increasing penis size.  It’s highly based on science and the process of converting stem cells into penis tissue cells for the added growth you’re looking for.  Best of all, everything is digital so you can use the program privately and right on your personal tech devices. Oh, and you can finally retire those expensive and dangerous male enhancement medications, pumps, and weird contraptions.

Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

What is Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Just when you think you have to undergo invasive and painful surgery or take dangerous male enhancement products, you stumble across a natural program that is based on science and evidence. Penis Enlargement Remedy is an online program that is all about increasing your penis size naturally and simply through the process of science. It’s a comprehensive system that is highly based on the clinical studies and research that has discovered how stem cells can be turned into any type of cell in another area of the body. Yes, this means that you can take stem cells from your body and transfer them over to become stem cells on your penis to give you the growth you want. This can be applied for added length and girth and it’s done through a process called hyperplasia and it can be activated naturally through a series of remedies and techniques. However, to get more stem cells available to be transferred into different cells, you need a stem cell booster that increases stem cell production, which can be done with proper nutrition, natural supplements, intermittent fasting, and exercises. Penis Enlargement Remedy teaches you both parts of the process, complete with step-by-step instructions, bullet points, notes, exercise regimes, natural remedies, movement routines, supplementation recommendations and a plethora of tips.

The program is also infused with information that allows you to fully understand the process, complete with extra tips for enhancing your sexual experiences, increasing your confidence and getting into the alpha-male mindset. Penis Enlargement Remedy also comes with different routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, which also provides you with a regime you can continue with to gradually improve your progress. These routines consist of things, such as weight training, intermittent fasting, penis exercises, stretches and so on and so forth.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the program comes with:

  • Main Manual
  • Free Bonus #1: Bedroom Satisfaction Tips
  • Free Bonus #2: Infidelity Investigation
  • Free Bonus #3: How to Become an Alpha Male
  • Free Super Bonus #5: No-Touch Orgasms

Now, you’re probably wondering about how you receive this program after purchase. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package on your doorstep that tells the neighbourhood what’s up. Instead, everything is digital so you receive instant access to the program online as soon as you purchase. You can also download the material onto your personal tech devices for private use anytime right in the privacy of your own place.

You receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase, so you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving in the mail. Everything can be downloaded right onto your own personal devices for quick, convenient and private access in the comfort of your own home.  

Penis Enlargement Remedy Download Page
The download page for Penis Enlargement Remedy program.

In addition to being backed by studies, Penis Enlargement Remedy also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  This means you can try it out for two months before deciding if it’s for you. 

Who is the Author of Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Tom Candow is the author of Penis Enlargement Remedy. He is a world-known sex educator, researcher and consultant who focuses on using natural methods to help men increase their penis size without the use of harmful conventional medications. Tom is highly sought due to the success the thousands of people have experienced from following his advice.

Summary of Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargement Remedy is the ultimate program for learning how to use a specific series of exercises and techniques to naturally increase your penis size in girth and length via the scientific process of cell conversion.  The process is separated into a simply three-phase process that looks like:

  • Phase 1: The Stem Cell Secret
  • Phase 2: Body Exercise
  • Phase 3: Accelerate Penis Exercises

The program comes with helpful and informative information that helps you understand the science of transforming stem cells into stem cells in other areas of the body, such as on your penis. Then, it provides you with detailed steps on how to perform the exercises, movements, techniques and tricks that allow for this process to happen. This includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, photos, and lists as needed, and you also receive different regimes for different levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert) of where you’re at with the process.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the program as a whole (and a thorough breakdown of the three-phase process), here’s a sneak peek:

Main Program

  • Quick Start Guide
    • Stem Cells
    • Where To Get Your Stem Cell Supplement
    • BGA Dosage
    • New Discovery: Intermittent Fasting
    • Exercises
    • Weight Training
  • Phase 1: The Stem Cell Secret
    • Human Embryos
    • The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal
    • Release – Circulate – Migrate
    • Stem Cells in Us
    • Side Effects of Stem Cells
    • What We Use for Stem Cell Release

The first phase of the program is all about knowledge. It teaches you how stem cells can be converted into other cells in your body, including hair and nail cells, muscle and tissue cells, and yes, even penis cells. It also talks about how the science of this and nutrition intercross. Most importantly, it breaks down how this can help increase penis size in two ways: by proliferating indefinitely and by producing many different types of cells. 

  • Phase 2: Body Exercises
    • Generate hGH Legally
    • Weight Training for Optimum hGH Production and Muscle Growth
    • New: Intermittent Fasting
    • Built Into DNA
    • Weight Loss, hGH Spikes and Increased Health
    • 2000% Boost
    • Anti-Aging
    • Why It May Be a Struggle

In the second phase of the program, you learn all about exercises that give you the human growth hormone (hGH) you need for that extra growth. It teaches you a simple two-step process for increasing your hGH a few hundred percent and how to do so over a 4-6 hour timeframe! And yes, it’s all about using specific exercises (and a few extra techniques) and that’s what you learn in this section.

  • Phase 3: Accelerate Penis Exercises
    • Acceleration Program – Intermediate Exercises
    • Start With Some Measurements
    • The Hair Down There
    • Are You Chubby?
    • Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate
    • Safety First

In the third phase of the process, you learn how to accelerate your growth with more intermediate exercises. These exercises are designed to speed up the growing process and to allow for more stem cells to repair, replenish and reproduce to give you even greater length. It teaches you about the different stretches and exercises you can do, how to track your progress, what to do with the hair down there, and much more. It also teaches you how to properly and safely perform the exercises.

  • Let’s Get Started: The Basics
    • Exercise the PC Muscle for a Healthy Prostate and Better Sex
    • What’s a Kegel?
    • How to Find Your PC Muscle
    • The PC Muscle Exercises
    • Warm It Up
    • 6 PC Workouts
    • The Work is Worth the Reward
    • Stretch It Out
    • The Basic Stretch
    • Dry Milking
    • Wet Milking
    • Jelqing for Length and Girth
    • The Tao Technique of Jelqing
    • Pulling and Slapping
    • Cool It Down
  • Developing An Exercise Schedule
    • First Couple of Weeks
    • Weeks Three Through Six
    • The Halfway Mark
  • Besides Size, Exercise Can Help With….
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • A Curved Penis
  • In-Depth Exercise Guide – Advanced
    • The Dry Jelq
    • The Wet Jelq
    • Jelqing for Penis Girth
    • The Girth Jelq
    • The Focused Shaft Jelq
    • The Straightener Jelq
    • Reverse Jelq
    • Flaccid Shuffle Jelq
    • Vertical Jelq
    • Penis Stretching
    • Why Am I Including Penis Stretches?
    • The Basic Stretch
    • Base Stretch
    • The Globe-Trotter Stretch
    • Advanced Penis Stretches
      • Intersect Stretch
      • Wrist Stretch
      • Double-Hand Stretch
  • Complete Summary
  • Penis Exercise and Jelqing Routines
  • Advanced Routine
  • Working It All Together
Penis Enlargement Remedy Table of Contents
The table of contents for Penis Enlargement Remedy PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Can replace the use of harmful conventional male enhancement products that typically only work short-term, if at all
  • Highly based on science and the process of stem conversion
  • Increased penis size in length and girth
  • Comes with exercises for beginner, intermediate and expert levels
  • Digital copy allows you to download the content right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for private use
  • Backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

Penis Enlargement Remedy is a digital program that can be downloaded right onto your personal tech devices. This comes with many advantages. However, it also means that a physical package or hardcopy of the program does not get shipped out to you (but there’s an alternative – keep reading).


Penis Enlargement Remedy is an online program designed to help men increase their penis size in length and girth simply and naturally, using a 3-phase program that consists of using natural methods and techniques for male enhancement. It is an easy system that guides you through the process step-by-step, providing you with detailed instructions, recipes, and remedies as needed. It’s highly based on science that allows for stem cells to be converted into penis cells, which is entirely natural and non-invasive. You can also use the program risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download Penis Enlargement Remedy PDF


How can I get a hardcopy of the program?

As mentioned, the program is entirely digital with everything available to you online to download onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. However, as an alternative to receiving a physical hardcopy, you can download the guide and print it off at home or at your local print shop.

Is the method used in the program safe?

The program focuses on a completely 100% natural approach, so it should be safe for anyone to use. It is recommended to follow the instructions precisely and to speak with a doctor if you have any underlying health conditions or are on medication.

Will I be required to take any exotic supplements or herbs?

No. There is no mention of any exotic supplements or herbs. However, there are some natural supplements that are highly recommended (but still optional), such as BGA, L-Arginine, and so on and so forth. These supplements can be found at your local drugstore or online at places like Amazon.

Is there a support team that I can contact if I have any questions or concerns regarding the program?

Yes. The program offers you the option to register for free exclusive support, which gives you access to the program’s support team (and some extra free bonuses). You drop us a message as well and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Download Penis Enlargement Remedy PDF

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