Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry is the ultimate guide for women dating in this digital age who want to learn effective strategies for building chemistry with any guy they want simply by using the right texts. Yes, you read that right. It might sound silly at first because you’ve probably had horrible experiences with texting and dating. You’ve likely been ghosted (haven’t we all?) or had a great first date only to be left on ‘read’ afterwards. Texting can certainly seem like the root of all evil when it comes to dating; a lot of bad seemingly comes from texting. However, there is always the possibility to flip the script and use texting in a positive way and to get the man and the relationship you want. And that’s what Text Chemistry is all about.

With the Text Chemistry program, you learn how to properly text your way to the relationship you have been looking for. It’s a modernized dating guide that focuses on text messages because it’s the main way people communicate today. At the beginning stages of a relationship when creating chemistry is of utmost importance, there are rarely any phone calls made. Almost all communication is done through text – instant messages, DMs, text messages and emails. But it can seem impossible to convey the message or vibe you’re trying to send because there is no tone or facial expressions. And that’s where things usually get construed when it comes to texting and dating. So, if you’ve been texting without a strategy and have found yourself struggling to find the man and relationship you want, this program can set you up with all the skills, tools, techniques and texts that can drastically change the game.

Text Chemistry Review

What is Text Chemistry?

Texts are trouble, or so it seems. They lead to all kinds of missed messages, connections, signals, and a lack of chemistry and every woman (and man) has been ghosted, left on read or suddenly blocked for what-seems-like no reason. But there is a reason. There is always a reason. And no, that reason isn’t you. However, it could very well be your text messages.

Text Chemistry is an online dating and relationship program designed to help women learn effective texting formulas that can drastically improve their success when texting the man they like.  It’s a comprehensive system that aims to provide you with the right texting techniques and formulas that can create undeniable chemistry with every ‘send’.

With this program, you receive professional advice, guidance and techniques from the best-selling author and expert dating and relationship coach, Amy North (more on that later). It covers everything there is to know about dating in this digital, texting age, such as the do’s and don’ts of texting, how to reply to text messages when they leave you at a loss of words, what emojis really mean to men, how men process different types of texts and so much more.

Text Chemistry strives to help you understand how to text, based on how the male psyche works. For example, sending a super long text message that is 15 lines long to your best friend won’t be received as well, pardon the pun, if sent to the man you like. Men process things differently and in order to learn how to text to build chemistry and excitement, you need to understand how men operate. This program gives you the inside scoop on how men think and respond to certain things such as text messages, emojis, response times, and text lengths.

But it isn’t all about the man. The program is designed exclusively for women to give them the tools and confidence needed to go after (and get) whatever it is they want. It covers a vast array of concerns, questions, dilemmas and possible scenarios that can leave you feeling confused or worse, sending the wrong response. I’ll text in the details in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what comes with the program:

  • The Main eBook
  • 13 Video Series
  • Free Bonus #1: The Phone Game
  • Free Bonus #2:  Why Men Leave
  • Free Bonus #3: Tinder Success Secrets
  • Free Bonus #4:  Confessions of a Player

Everything is digital, so you don’t have to worry about a potentially-embarrassing package arriving in the mail nor do you have to wait to get started. Instead, you just sign in and can access the content online or download it right onto your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This allows for quick, convenient and private access to the program anytime, anywhere, which is particularly beneficial since you never know when the next text will come through.  You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to see how this program works before deciding if it’s for you.

How the download page for the Text Chemistry program looks like.

Who is the Author of Text Chemistry?

The author of Text Chemistry is best-selling author, expert dating and relationship coach and psychologist, Amy North.  She is a successful dating coach for women, has a massive following online (591,000 subscribers on Youtube), and she has helped more than 100,000 women across the world get the love and relationship they want.

Summary of Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is the ultimate guide for learning how to text and date as a woman. It’s a comprehensive program that teaches women the inside scoop on how men perceive different types of text messages, so they send the right message. Pardon the pun. The program covers a range of topics, including common questions, concerns, and dilemmas women experiencing when texting and dating. It dives into emoji meanings and texting mistakes, proper texting lengths and response times, how to response to difficult texts and so much more. You are also provided with expert techniques and step-by-step instructions for sending the right text message. This includes texting formulas, examples and possible scenarios where you may need to use the technique provided.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect:


  • How Texting Has Changed the Way We Date
  • Women’s Texts vs. Men’s Texts
  • Contrasting Communication

Part 1: The Rules for Texting

  • Texting Mistakes
    • Essays and Over-Texting
    • Passive-Aggressive and Angry Texts
    • Predictable and Boring Texting
    • Ambiguous or Confusing Texts
    • Jealous and Inappropriate Texts
  • The Perfect Text Recipes: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
    • R – Review and Revise
    • U – Use Visual Language
    • L – Leave Him Wanting More
    • E – Excite Him
    • S – Stay Position
  • How Long Should You Wait Before Texting Him
    • Sending the Initial Text
    • When He Texts You First
  • Emojis: Yay or Nay?
    • Use Emojis Sparingly
    • Keep Your Emojis Close
    • Choose your Emojis Carefully

The first part of the program covers all of the rules to texting. It starts with the texting mistakes that we’ve all made, and then goes into the perfect formula for texting the man you like and want to create chemistry with. The emoji section is particularly helpful. Who knew you shouldn’t use those emojis?

Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over

  • The Early Days: “Ready for Takeoff” Texts
    • Fueling His Engine Texts
    • Preparing for Blastoff Texts
    • Comical Texts
    • Crystal Ball Texts
    • Satellite Texts
    • Stir the Pot Texts
  • The Dating Days: Shooting for the Stars Text
    • Game On Texts
    • Supernova Texts
    • Shining Star Texts
    • Tantalizing Texts
    • Constellation Texts
    • Mercy Texts
  • The Long Run: Keeping the Chemistry Ablaze Texts
    • Flight Texts
    • Radical Recognition Texts
    • E-Glow Texts
    • Big Bang Texts
    • Seduction Texts
    • Across the Universe Texts

This part focuses on the actual words you text to the man you are interested in. It covers every texting situation you can imagine, including sending texts long-term. Each texting category is separated based on how long you’ve been dating. You receive examples well throughout the section, so you can find the perfect words to say depending on where you’re at in your relationship.

Part 3: What to Text Him When….

  • When you Want to Invite Him out Without Sounding Clingy
  • When He Cancels Plans on You
  • When You Have to Cancel on Him
  • When He Gives You Nothing to Work With
  • When You Want Him to Initiate Texting
  • When He Asks Inappropriate Questions or for Nude Photos
  • If He Sends You Unsolicited Nude Photos
  • When He Seems Interested in Another Woman
  • When You Feel Like You’re Being Friend-Zoned
  • When He Takes a While to Respond
  • When He Ghosts You
  • When You See He’s Typing but It Suddenly Stops
  • When You Want to Flirt in Text
  • When You Think He’s Upset with You
  • When You Think He’s Misinterpreting Your Texts
  • When He’s Had a Rough Day
  • When You Want Him to Comfort You
  • When HE Sends You Drunk Texts

A personal favourite section, Part three is all about those awkward, uncomfortable or questionable situations you sometimes find yourself in when texting. It shows you how to respond based on the type of text you just received. And yes, it also covers supportive text messages to send when he’s had a rough day or when you want him to comfort you.

Text Chemistry table of contents
The table of contents for Text Chemistry PDF.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

The first advantage that I want to mention is the confidence Text Chemistry gives you. Dating can be difficult, but this program gives you the tools, techniques and text messages to send – word for word. So, you head into every situation with this extra boost of confidence knowing that you know how to text in a way that is well-received by men. I also loved the digital version, as it makes sure you have the program with you at all times and right on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet. If a text message comes through that you don’t know how to respond to, you can instantly access the program.  

It also helps that the author is a professional psychologist and expert dating coach, and you get to try it out risk-free for 60 days with the money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of the Program

The program is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF guide, which comes with many benefits. However, it is not available as an audiobook or in a physical hardcopy.


Text Chemistry is the ultimate guide for women who want to take control of their dating life and learn how to build chemistry and attract the guy you want simply by sending the right text messages. It’s super easy and comes with an abundance of examples and scenarios for you to choose from, and it’s full of professional guidance and advice along the way. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee also means you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Download Text Chemistry PDF


Will I receive examples that show me how to text a guy?

Yes. Throughout Text Chemistry, you will receive a vast collection of examples and texting templates to use based on the message you want to send. There are also videos you can watch for more information, so you can find the perfect approach for you (and the guy).

What if I still don’t get a reply after using this program?

There are many options for you to choose from and the program does address what to do if you don’t get a reply. However, it also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out first.

Can I get a hardcopy of the program?

The program is digital but you can print the PDF eBook at home to have a physical hardcopy.

Will I need to connect to the internet to use the program?

No. Once you’ve downloaded the program onto your tech devices, you can access it without the internet. If you do not wish to download the materials, you will need the Internet to access the program online.

What if I have a question about the program?

Feel free to drop us a message down below or you can contact the author on their official website.

Download Text Chemistry PDF

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