Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a powerful program designed to help people repair things with their ex simply by using a series of specific text messages based on how the mind works. There are two different versions to choose from depending on whether your ex is male and female, which is key since the text messages you send will invoke specific responses. In other words, the same text won’t have the same reaction for both men and women because our psychology is different and the way we perceive things is as well. But why text messages, you ask? Texting is the main form of communication today. Your phone calls can be ignored and you have no guarantee of running into your ex in public with such a large population. But with text messages, you know they’re going to get them and read them. Text Your Ex Back teaches you what type of text messages to send, how to send them, when to send them and everything else you need to know to use specific messages to repair your relationship. And it’s just text messages. There’s no need to recite awkward one liners, send messages that are completely out of character or change or hide what you want. So, whether you’ve recently spit, heading towards a divorce, or want to get your long-lost love back, here’s everything you need to know about this program.

Text Your Ex Back Review

What is Text Your Ex Back?

There are few things worse than being heartbroken. Experts have also confirmed that being heartbroken is a real medical condition called that “The Broken Heart Syndrome” that can cause incredibly difficult symptoms that may lead to serious health conditions. The good news is the control is in your hands… Or rather, your fingertips.

Text Your Ex Back is a strategic dating and relationship program designed to help people repair their relationships and rekindle their love simply through text messages. It is a comprehensive program that comes with 10 different modules, each breaking down different techniques and types of messages to send depending on the situation or time in your break up. I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but first, it’s so important to mention that everything you learn is based on how the mind works on a mental and sexual level. You aren’t receiving text messages that might work because they have worked for other people. Instead, you’re receiving strategic texting plans based on psychology and how specific words/sentences trigger different desires and responses. Everything in Text Your Ex Back is put together for you in a step-by-step system, with systematic steps that need to be followed in order. Each step creates the foundation for the next, so this is key.

You don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your doorstep either. Everything is digital, so you receive immediate access and can download the program right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. You can also access it online if you choose. Either option allows for comfortable, private access wherever you want.

In addition to the main program, you also receive some bonus programs for absolutely free, which come with an abundance of additional advice and expert techniques. These bonuses are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Audio version of the training
  • Free Bonus #2; Instant Forgiveness with Dr. Frederic Luskin Internet
    • How to move past pain and anger
    • How to stop having the same fights
    • How to get your ex to accept you for who you are
  • Free Bonus #3: Infidelity Buster Interview with Dr. Jan Hall
    • Why men and women cheat in relationships
    • Fast, easy way to heal after infidelity
  • Free Bonus #4: Facebook Romance Secrets Program
    • Seduce your ex using Facebook and social media
    • How to use simple posts on his wall to spark anticipation
    • How to comment on pictures

Now, if you aren’t convinced text messages can get your ex back, you can try the program out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose, especially when the regime comes from one of the best coaches in the industry.

Who is the Author of Text Your Ex Back?

The author of Text Your Ex Back is Michael Fiore, internationally known relationship expert who is best recognized for giving women X-Ray vision into the male mind. Michael is hailed as one of the best experts on how to have a great relationship in the modern world and has appeared on major networks, such as The Rachael Ray Show, FOX, WebMD, NBC, CBD Radio, Yahoo and many more. Michael has created a variety of successful relationship and dating programs for people to use and has even become an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Summary of Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back is a strategic, comprehensive program that teaches you a unique step-by-step process for getting your ex back using systematic text messages. It is designed to help you rekindle the relationship with your ex, open your ex up to the idea of being with you again and getting things off on the right foot as you start dating again. The systematic process is separated into 10 different modules, all complete with simple steps, instructions, examples, worksheets, videos, action plans and more.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect from the program as a whole:

  1. Introduction/Rules
  2. The Dumper and Dumped
    1. Why Did You Break Up?
    2. You Got Dumped
      1. Top 7 Reasons Your Ex Might Have Given for Dumping You–And What They Really Mean
      2. Worksheet
    3. You Did the Dumping
      1. Typical Reasons You May Have Broken Up with Your Ex but Now Want Them Back
      2. Worksheet
    4. The Big Goal
      1. WHY do you want your ex back? 
      2. WHAT do you actually want? What’s your “Big Goal?” 
      3. HOW are you going to get there? What’s the realistic “Baby Step” that would start you down the path of your “Big Goal?” 
      4. Worksheet
    5. Flight Check
      1. Check Yourself Before You Text Your Ex
      2. Important (and good!) side effects
  1. Text-Judo
    1. The Cornerstone Of The System
    2. Principles of Text Judo 
    3. How Text Judo works in practice
    4. Phrase and Text Types
    5. Visualize Your Moves
  2. Plan of Attack
    1. 4-week Action Plan
  3. Across the Bow
    1. What are Across the Bow texts for?
    2. What are Across the Bow texts NOT for?
    3. Ironclad rules of Across the Bow texting 
  4. Prepping the Soil
    1. When should I send a “Best of the Relationship” text? 
      1. Technique One: Power Words
      2. Technique Two: Memory Stimulation 
  • Technique Three: Word pictures 
  1. Technique Four: Sneaky Trick: The “Small Ask” 
  2. Responses to Best of the Relationship texts and what to do
  1. The Green-Eyed Monster: Jealousy
    1. How to Use Jealousy in a Positive Way
    2. Rules of Green-Eyed Monster Texting 
  2. Planting the Seeds
    1. Rules of Intimacy Booster texting 
    2. Intimacy Booster Text Formula 1: Extra-strength 
    3. Intimacy Booster Text Formula 2: For everyday use (but not really every day, ’cause that would be annoying) 
    4. Responses to Intimacy Booster texts
  3. Reaping the Harvest
    1. Rules for Attraction Texting
    2. Attraction Texting Revealed 
    3. Responses to Attraction Texts 
    4. Watering the Tree
      1. Emotional Honesty Texts Watering the tree 
      2. Rules of Emotional Honesty Texting 
  • Responses to Emotional Honesty texts 
  1. Virtual to Physical
    1. The First Date
    2. Post-First-Date-Texts
  2. Texting Steady


Text Your Ex Back teaches you strategic text messages to send to rekindle the relationship with your ex and open your ex up to the idea of getting back together. It’s a simple process that is based on psychology and even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out risk-free.

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