The Diabetes Fix Review

The Diabetes Fix is a powerful diabetes-reversing program designed to help people regain control of their health and happiness safely, naturally and permanently. It’s a comprehensive system that focuses on getting specific superfoods in your diet to unclog your pancreas. This allows insulin to flow normally again, which results in your diabetes symptoms decreasing and your Type 2 diabetes reversing. Unlike conventional treatments, this regime is 100% safe, natural and much more budget-friendly. Studies show that the conventional treatment for Type 2 Diabetes can range upwards of $5000 each month. Not only that but they are potentially harmful and are only designed to mask your symptoms. With The Diabetes Fix, you learn how to get to the root cause of the problem to reverse diabetes. It can be done right in the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re tired of pricking your finger every day, taking insulin injections or dangerous medications that come with a long list of potential side effects, here’s everything you can expect from this revolutionary program.

The Diabetes Fix Review

What is The Diabetes Fix?

Diabetes affects more than 34 million Americans, according to studies. Of those, 95% of them have Type 2 Diabetes and although it mainly affects people over 45, more and more children, teens and young adults are developing it. Add in the fact that conventional treatments range upwards of $5000, and this is certainly a disease you want to learn how to prevent and heal.

The Diabetes Fix is an online program designed to help people reverse their diabetes safely, naturally and permanently. It’s a comprehensive system that focuses on implementing specific superfoods in your diet that have the ability to naturally unclog your pancreas. This enables your pancreas to function and produce insulin, which ultimately, reverses diabetes. After all, Type 2 diabetes is the result of your pancreas not working.

Throughout the program, you receive an abundance of powerful information that teaches you about Type 2 diabetes and the healing protocol that can reverse it. Then, it comes with everything you need to start putting your newfound knowledge into action, such as food lists, herbs and spice lists, recipes, meal plans, lifestyle tips, exercise recommendations, pre-made grocery shopping lists and much more. I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but first, it’s worth mentioning that everything is digital. This means that you receive immediate access to The Diabetes Fix as soon as you purchase. You just sign in and download the content onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer for quick, easy and convenient access wherever you are.

The program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free for two months. This is ample time to see the positive effects of using superfoods to unclog and kickstart your pancreas and reverse diabetes.

Who are the Authors of The Diabetes Fix?

Mike Geary and Catherine (Cat) Ebeling are the authors of The Diabetes Fix. Mike is a health researcher and advocate who has produced many best-selling books and courses that help people reclaim their health naturally. Cat is a Registered Nurse who has been studying diet, nutrition, food allergies, weight loss and disease for over 30 years.

Summary of The Diabetes Fix

The Diabetes Fix is a revolutionary program that teaches you how to free yourself of Type 2 diabetes for good using food. It’s a comprehensive two-part system that focuses on adding superfoods that have the natural ability to unclog your pancreas into your diet. This re-enables the functioning of your pancreas, which ultimately, reverses Type 2 Diabetes.

Throughout the program, you receive a ton of incredible information; complete with science and clinical studies and evidence showing you how to reverse your diabetes. Then, it provides you with a powerful healing protocol that guides you through the process of implementing your newfound knowledge into your life.

This comes with nutritional supplement guides, tips for creating a diabetes-free zone, food lists, spice lists, pre-made grocery shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, lifestyle tips and much more.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the regime as a whole, here’s a more detailed look at the two parts:

Part 1: Introduction – Are You Prepared for the Coming Health Apocalypse?

  1. Could You or Someone You Know Have Diabetes and Not Know It?
    1. Monitoring your health for diabetes
  2. The Pathology of Diabetes – What Goes Wrong in Our Bodies
    1. Type 2 Diabetes is an insidious, deadly disease
    2. Complications of diabetes – it’s not just diabetes that can kill you
    3. How diabetes affects the various systems in your body
      1. Cardiovascular disease
      2. Kidney disease
  • Nerves
  1. Eye diseases
  2. Pregnancy complications
  3. Respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis
  • Gum disease
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  1. Cancer
  2. Depression and Anxiety
  1. How Medication, Insulin and Standard Diabetes Treatments Worsen Diabetes
    1. It’s a vicious downward spiral
    2. Type 2 diabetes evolves from poor diet and lifestyle
    3. The cost of diabetes
  2. Why Our Current SAD Diet Causes Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease
    1. Food addictions
    2. The Trouble with Sugar
      1. Sugar Addiction
      2. Liquid Sugar – The Most Dangerous Form
  • Blood Sugar, Insulin and Aging
  1. What about Artificial Sweeteners
  1. The Trouble With Grains
  2. Advanced Glycated End Products

Part 2: The Superfood Diabetes Reversal Diet

  1. Understanding the Glycemic Index and Glycemix Load
    1. How to Identify Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid
    2. What’s the Difference Between Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
    3. Low Glycemic Index Carbs + Proteins and Health Fats = Lower Blood Sugar
  2. Creating the Diabetes-Free Zone
    1. The Kitchen Cleanout – Foods You Must Remove
  3. Superfoods That Lower Blood Sugar and Protect Against Diabetes
    1. Diabetes-Fighting Superfoods
    2. Loving Your Diabetes-Fighting Veggies
    3. 10 Delicious Ways to Get Veggies Into Your Diet
    4. Top 10 Superfoods for Fighting Diabetes
    5. The Keto Diet for Type 2 Diabetes and How Effective Is It
    6. What is the Difference between a Paleo Diet and Keto Diet?
    7. How a Keto Diet Works for Type 2 Diabetes
    8. How a Keto Diet Affects Insulin and Blood Sugar
    9. Conventional Diabetic Diets vs. Keto Diets
  4. Nutritional Supplements to Keep Blood Sugar in Check
    1. Diabetes Fighting Supplements
  5. Superfood Spices That Fight Diabetes
    1. The Incredible Power of Herbs and Spices
  6. High Impact Ways to Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity
    1. Exercise Burns off Excess Glucose and Makes Cells more Sensitive to Insulin
      1. Lifting Weights
      2. Interval Training
  • Tabatas
  1. Training at Altitude
  2. Exercise First Thing in the AM Without Eating
  3. Take a Daily Walk
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  1. Sleep
  2. Meal Plans and Recipes
    1. Foods to Avoid
    2. What Do You Eat if You Are Vegetarian
    3. Phase 1 – The Sugar and Junk Detox
    4. Phase 2 – Blood Sugar Maintenance and Optimizing Your Health
      1. Foods to Include from Phase 1
      2. Foods You May Add in Small Portions
  • Continue to Avoid These Foods
  1. Recipes and Meal Plan
  2. Your Superfood Diabetes Reversal Diet Shopping List


The Diabetes Fix is a powerful program that makes it easy for people to use diet to reverse their diabetes or to prevent it altogether. It’s 100% safe and natural and can be done right at home, simply by adding a splash of that, a dash of this, or a slice of that into your next meal.

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