The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

The Hypothyroidism Solution is a comprehensive online program that teaches you simple adjustments to make in your life, diet, environment and stress to completely eradicate an underactive thyroid issue naturally and in as little as four-weeks. Studies show that approximately 50% of people over the age of 12 have hypothyroidism, with most of them having no idea. It’s a common condition that often gets mistaken for other things or that goes undiagnosed because the symptoms rarely make you think of your thyroid. After all, most of us don’t even know what a thyroid is. I sure didn’t. Fortunately, The Hypothyroidism Solution teaches you everything you need to know about what a thyroid is, how it affects you, what having an underactive or overactive thyroid means, and how to tackle the issue at its source to eliminate it completely. The regime is 100% safe and natural and you don’t have to follow a strict diet or do intense cardio every day. It focuses on a practical approach that anyone can do to restore balance in their body so they can get back to living, looking and feeling great again.

The Hypothyroidism Solution Review

What is The Hypothyroidism Solution?

50% of people have hypothyroidism and most people have no idea, which means you may be taking medications and using conventional treatments that don’t address the issue you’re dealing with. So, if you experience symptoms such as tiredness, sensitivity to cold, weight gain, constipation, depression, muscle aches, brittle hair and nails, pain, numbness, or a loss of sex drive, you could be one of them. Hypothyroidism means that you have an under-active thyroid that isn’t producing the hormones your body needs to function properly. These hormones directly affect the speed of your heart beat, how deeply you breathe, your cholesterol levels, your body temperature, how you gain and how you lose weight, amongst many other things.

The Hypothyroidism Solution is an online program that teaches you how to eliminate all thyroid problems naturally by making some simple changes in your:

  • Microbiome
  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Stress

The program is broken down into a four-part series that teaches you everything there is to know about your thyroid and possible thyroid issues, and then provides you with a comprehensive, four-week healing plan that is 100% natural.  The plan comes with an abundance of natural healing options, remedies, recipes, food lists, supplement guides, environment recommendations and more. I’ll delve into the regime in just a moment, but for starters, the system as a whole is designed to:

  1. Eliminate the toxins in your body so it can function properly
  2. Relaxing the immune system
  3. End chronic inflammation
  4. Switch your thyroid back on to get the hormones it needs

Since hypothyroidism comes with such unbearable symptoms and frustrating weight gain, you’ll be happy to know that you can get star The Hypothyroidism Solution right away as you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. You just sign in and download the content right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, which also means that you have the powerful regime with you wherever you go.

Now, if you aren’t entirely sure that your thyroid is the issue, you can try this regime out for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is ample time to see how these small adjustments can make a huge improvement on your health, weight and life as a whole.

Who is the Author of The Hypothyroidism Solution?

Jodi Knapp, a Natural Health Practitioner, is the author of The Hypothyroidism Solution. He is the co-founder of his own clinic that practices natural healing and is highly recognized for making major contributions to the types of healing and treatment available for people suffering from a vast array of health issues.

Summary of The Hypothyroidism Solution

The Hypothyroidism Solution is a comprehensive four-part program that teaches you all about your thyroid and simple ways to treat it naturally and permanently by tackling it at the source. It’s an easy program that can be used by anyone who is or who may be suffering with thyroid issues. It comes with an abundance of valuable information, followed by a four-week healing plan that teaches you the small adjustments to make in your gut, environment, diet and stress levels to begin the healing process.

The entire regime is complete with step-by-step instructions, pictures, diagrams, food lists, recipes, and references as needed, making it a really simple and enjoyable process.

But you don’t have to take my word for it either, as The Hypothyroidism Solution comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to try it out for yourself and here’s what you can expect to learn throughout:

Part 1: Getting to Know Your Thyroid

  1. The Thyroid – Where, What, How and Why?
  2. The Cycle of Thyroid Hormones
  3. Parathyroid Glands
  4. Hypothyroidism – Primary, Secondary or Sub-Clinical?
  5. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
  6. How Is Hypothyroidism Diagnosed?
  7. Causes of Hypothyroidism
  8. The Risks of Not Treating Hypothyroidism
  9. Treating Hypothyroidism with Medication
    1. T4 Medication
    2. T3 Medication
    3. T3 and T4 Medications

Part 2: Autoimmune – Your Body Under Attack

  1. A Modern Epidemic
  2. Acute Inflammation – A Quick, Time-Sensitive Response
  3. Chronic Inflammation – Healing Gone Wrong
  4. Are You Autoimmune?
  5. Principles of Immune-Healing Lifestyle

Part 3: Hypothyroidism: Causes and Solutions

  1. Your Microbiome and Hypothyroidism
    1. The Immune System’s Headquarters
    2. Leaky Gut
    3. Gut Bacteria – Your Immune System’s Little Helpers
    4. Dysbioisis – A Population Out of Balance
    5. What’s Harming Your Gut?
    6. Heal Your Gut
    7. Gut-Friendly Foods
    8. Gut-Healing Supplements
  2. Your Diet and Hypothyroidism
    1. Goitrogens
    2. Cruciferous Vegetables
    3. What about Soy?
    4. Do You Need to Give Up Coffee?
    5. Sugar, Blood Sugar, and Thyroid Problems
    6. Fats, Inflammation, and Your Thyroid
    7. Thyroid-Friendly Supplements
  3. Your Environment and Hypothyroidism
    1. Plastic
    2. Non-stick Surfaces
    3. Antibacterial Soaps and Household Cleaners
    4. Chlorine
    5. Parabens
    6. Detoxing Your Chemical Burden
  4. Stress and Hypothyroidism
    1. Stress-Busting Strategies
    2. Stress-Busting Supplements
    3. Reboot Your Sleep Cycle
    4. Transform Your Morning
    5. How to Meditate

Part 4: Your 4-Week Thyroid Healing Plan

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
  4. Week 4

Hypothyroid Healing Recipes

  1. Plant Sources of Protein
  2. Home-Grow Sprouts
  3. Making Nuts and Seeds Digestible
  4. Recipes
  5. Smoothies
  6. Salads
  7. Dressings
  8. Veggie Meals
  9. Stir-Fry
  10. Soups
  11. Healthy Snacks
  12. Better Grains
  13. Gut-Friendly Sides

Conclusion – Your Health is in Your Hands

Food Diary


The Verdict

The Hypothyroidism Solution is a comprehensive, four-week program that makes it easy to eliminate all types of thyroid problems by making simple adjustments in the body to tackle the issues at the source. It’s 100% safe and natural and can be used by anyone who thinks their thyroid is what’s causing them to experience weight gain, muscle aches and pains, mental health issues, and digestion problems. You even get two months to see how it works for you risk-free with the 100% money back guarantee.


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