Water Freedom System Review

Water Freedom System is your guide to generating your own clean, drinkable water in your home using a simple condensation principle, so you never have to rely on companies or the weather for water. This is key because you need water for survival and although it seems like you’ll never run out of bottled water or access to clean water, there are many potential threats and risks that can wipe out your water system at any given time. The latest pandemic shows just how quickly clean, drinkable water and filtration systems can disappear from the stores. With this program, you do not have to worry about ever running out as you can create your own water source, easily and without spending a fortune. This is what separates Water Freedom System from other survivalist programs, as it teaches you everything there is to know about sourcing your own water, from the condensation process to the DIY decontamination, to ensure you have water at all times. So, if you’re ready to provide your family with a reliable source of clean drinking water while also decreasing your water bills drastically, here’s what you need to know.

Water Freedom System Review

What is Water Freedom System?

The human body needs water in order to survive. Your body uses water in every cell, organ and tissue to regulate and maintain bodily functions. Unfortunately, clean drinking water is one of those things many of us take for granted. It’s easy to assume that water will always be available, but such is not the case. Just take a look at the empty shelves as a result of the latest pandemic or the effects of the latest drought. Water is never guaranteed.

Water Freedom System is an online program that teaches you how to create your own clean, drinkable water so you never have to rely on companies or the weather for this #1 resource for survival. With this program, you learn how to implement a simple condensation principle to create up to 60 gallons of water each day. It can be created with minimal tools and on a budget, as all of the materials needed are easy to find and afford.

In addition to learning how to create your own water system, you also learn DIY filtering systems, decontamination processes, and more. You learn how to source water when out in the wild, at home, or on a farm, all without drilling a hole, building a well, or creating an elaborate machine or water sourcing system.

Water Freedom System also comes with an abundance of quality information that teaches you the importance of being prepared for a water crisis, the risks that are looming, potential threats, and more. I’ll dive into the details of the program as a whole in a moment but first, it’s important to mention that you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. This is crucial, as water is the #1 thing you need for survival and being able to start implementing the simple condensation principle you learn in this program immediately is a huge benefit. To get started, you just download the guide right onto your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. This ensures you have everything you need wherever you are, whether it’s on a farm during a drought, while lost in nature, camping, or at home.

The program even allows you to try it entirely risk free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you ample time to see how easy it is to create your own water sourcing system and to start generating water and reducing your water bills.

Who is the Author of Water Freedom System?

Chris Burns is the author of Water Freedom System. He is a 57-year-old farmer who experienced the dangers of having a water shortage first-hand. It almost costed him his entire career, farm, house, family, and life. Desperate to ensure he never has to rely on others or the weather for water again, Chris began implementing a condensation system to generate his own water that was clean enough to drink and to water his crops. That’s what you learn how to do today.

Summary of Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to create a reliable source of clean drinking water whenever and wherever you are. The program comes with valuable information about the threats and risks posed on the world’s water systems, the different natural water sources available, how to store water during a water crisis and more. However, the meat of the program is where you learn how to create your own water system using affordable materials, a simple condensation principle, and step-by-step instructions. All of the steps come with photos and details that explain exactly what to do to start creating up to 60 gallons of clean drinking water every day.

You also receive survivalist skills, hacks, and DIY recipes for filtering water wherever you are. So, it’s much more than just a tutorial for creating your own water source, although that is a huge benefit, this program is much more of a survivalist guide that keeps you, your family, your property, crops, etc. hydrated.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the program as a while, here’s a look at some of the topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Where Does Your Water Come From?
    1. Ground Water
    2. Surface Water
    3. Water Systems and Distribution
  3. The International and National Water Crisis
  4. Is America’s Water Safe to Drink?
    1. The Vulnerability of the Nation’s Water System
    2. How Drought Can Poison the Water System
    3. Chemtrails Can Affect The Water Supply
    4. The Fukushima Fallout
    5. Is Bottled Water the Answer?
  5. The Water Is Running Out
    1. The Aquifers
    2. Natural Disasters and Other Water Threats
    3. Who Are The Terrorists that Could Attack the Water Supple?
  6. The U.S. Water Supply and an EMP
    1. What is an EMP?
  7. Storing Water for a Water Crisis
    1. Store Water
    2. Storage Tips
    3. Storing Water in Your Vehicle
  8. Sourcing Water
    1. Natural Sources of Water
    2. Water in Your Home
  9. Treating Water
    1. Filtration and Purification
    2. Water Filtration Methods
    3. Purification Methods
  10. The System
  11. Prepare NOW
    1. Who Should Prepare for a Water Emergency?
    2. How to Begin Preparation
  12. Where to Find The Parts and Tools – Quick Online Buy Guide

You also receive some free bonuses, which include:

  • Free Bonus #1: Tactical Flashlight
  • Free Bonus #2: Collect Water From Fog DIY Guide
  • Free Bonus #3: Water Purification – The Slow Sand Filters
  • Free Bonus #4: The Paranoid’s Home Defense
  • Free Bonus #5: The Essential Guide to Bartering
  • Free Bonus #6: Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath
  • Free Bonus #7: Build Your Own Greenhouse
  • Surprise Bonus #8: Calamity Prepper and Survival Handbook
  • Surprise Bonus #9: Cook From Sun Energy
  • Surprise Bonus #10: Ultimate Shelter Guide
  • Surprise Bonus #11: Home Survival List


Water Freedom System is an easy program that teaches you simple steps to creating up to 60 gallons of clean, drinkable water each day using the condensation principle. It comes with easy step-by-step instructions to ensure everyone can have their own reliable source of water, and you even get to try it out for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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