Water Freedom System Review

Water Freedom System is the ultimate survivalist program that teaches people how to create up to 60 gallons of drinkable water every day just by using a simple condensation principle. Water is inarguably the most crucial component for survival. Experts say that the human body can only survive for three days without water as your body needs water to regulate and maintain proper bodily functions in all of the cells, tissues, and organs. In other words, you need water. However, many of us believe that drinkable water will forever be available to us. Unfortunately, this is not the case and we are at risk of many potential water crises. Whether it’s a drought, contamination or a massive natural disaster that wipes out all clean water sources, you can never go wrong with have the reassurance that you will always have clean drinking water. Just think about the pandemic and how quickly water was sold out. It’s easy to think it can’t happen but we have all just witnessed it happening. With this program, you don’t have to worry about the “what if’s”.

Water Freedom System is an online program that teaches you how to generate your own clean, drinkable water. And it’s much easier than you would expect. But it’s much more than just a tutorial. Sure, that’s the meat of the program but it also comes with all the knowledge needed to understand healthy water sourcing – from condensation to decontamination so you no longer have to rely on big box stores, bottled water or the weather to give you the most crucial part of survival.

Water Freedom System Review

What is Water Freedom System?

It seems unreasonable to think that we could run out of water, especially when 96.54% of the earth is water. However, only 0.76% is fresh water. So, water isn’t an endless stream that we can all rely on. At the very least, it’s safe to say that we should all know how to properly decontaminate water in case we can’t find or run out of clean, drinkable water. Water Freedom System teaches you how to do just that and much more. It’s a comprehensive, survivalist guide that teaches you how to use a simple condensation principle that can generate up to 60 gallons of clean, drinking water every day. You learn what this simple condensation principle is and how to combine it with other items to create your very own renewable water source. It comes with step-by-step tutorials, easy-to-find material lists, photos, diagrams and much more. You don’t need to have a massive farm or even a lot of space to build your own drinkable water station. No matter where you live or how much land you have, the program shows you how to create your own water system without using elaborate equipment or machines, and without building a well or drilling a deep hole.

But the Water Freedom System is also so much more than just that. With this program, you not only learn how to create your own renewable clean drinking water source, but you also learn how to survive without it. The program provides you with chapters upon chapters of essential survival skills, such as potential water crisis’, the importance of preparing for a water crisis, the risks that are looming right around the corner, additional threats, steps for decontaminating ground water, and so much more. If it has to do with finding and using water to drink, you learn about it in the Water Freedom System. This includes an abundance of survivalist hacks and tips that could be life-saving. In addition to this, you also receive an abundance of bonus programs that you receive for absolutely free. These bonuses are separate from the main program but as you’re about to see, they provide you with additional information and knowledge that can help you strengthen your survivalist skills. These bonuses are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Tactical Flashlight
  • Free Bonus #2: Collect Water From Fog DIY Guide
  • Free Bonus #3: Water Purification – The Slow Sand Filters
  • Free Bonus #4: The Paranoid’s Home Defense
  • Free Bonus #5: The Essential Guide to Bartering
  • Free Bonus #6: Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath
  • Free Bonus #7: Build Your Own Greenhouse
  • Surprise Bonus #8: Calamity Prepper and Survival Handbook
  • Surprise Bonus #9: Cook From Sun Energy
  • Surprise Bonus #10: Ultimate Shelter Guide
  • Surprise Bonus #11: Home Survival List

The best part is that all of this is available to you as soon as you purchase, except for the physical items that get shipped out to you. This means you can start giving your family that extra dose of reassurance straight away. To begin, you just download the material onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and it’s all there for you whenever you need it. This will come to you as a huge advantage, since you can take your device(s) with you to the store to pick up materials and to where you’re building your renewable drinking water source. This also means that if you ever find yourself in a situation where drinkable water isn’t available, you don’t have to worry about finding a book. Everything is right there for you on your tech devices.

water freedom system download page
A look at Water Freedom System’s download page – this is where you will access the materials.

The program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can check it out and see how easy it is to use it before deciding if it’s for you. But once you see how simple it is to give your family reassurance that you’ll never have to fight for drinkable water, you’ll know you made the right choice. Plus, you can also save a ton of money generating your own water, as it can significantly reduce your water-related bills. Whether it’s saving on your household’s water usage or on grocery bills as you no longer have to buy cases of water, you just can’t go wrong with being able to try the program out risk-free for two months.

Who is the Author of Water Freedom System?

Chris Burns is the author of Water Freedom System. He is a 57-year old farmer who experienced a major drought that almost destroyed everything. The drought drastically affected his career, farm, house, family, and life, and he swore to never rely on other sources for clean drinking water ever again. This is when he started learning how to create his own clean drinking water generator, which saved much more than just his farm.  

Summary of Water Freedom System

Water Freedom System is a comprehensive program that teaches you the most important part of survival – how to ensure you always have a clean, drinkable source of water. It’s a detailed system that comes with all of the information you could ever need to know about drinking water – from finding water sources to decontamination and everything in between. It discussed potential water crises, the threats and risks posed on the world’s water systems, the different ways you can store water during a water crisis and so much more. Then, it teaches you how to create your own clean, drinking water source without needing expensive equipment, a well, a hole drilled into the ground or a large plot of land. The program provides you with simple, step-by-step instructions that break down the building process, detailed material lists, basic tool lists, diagrams and photos to guide you along the way.

Here’s a closer look at the crucial topics this program covers:

  1. Introduction
  2. Where Does Your Water Come From?
    1. Ground Water
    2. Surface Water
    3. Water Systems and Distribution
  3. The International and National Water Crisis
  4. Is America’s Water Safe to Drink?
    1. The Vulnerability of the Nation’s Water System
    2. How Drought Can Poison the Water System
    3. Chemtrails Can Affect The Water Supply
    4. The Fukushima Fallout
    5. Is Bottled Water the Answer?
  5. The Water Is Running Out
    1. The Aquifers
    2. Natural Disasters and Other Water Threats
    3. Who Are The Terrorists that Could Attack the Water Supple?
  6. The U.S. Water Supply and an EMP
    1. What is an EMP?
  7. Storing Water for a Water Crisis
    1. Store Water
    2. Storage Tips
    3. Storing Water in Your Vehicle
  8. Sourcing Water
    1. Natural Sources of Water
    2. Water in Your Home
  9. Treating Water
    1. Filtration and Purification
    2. Water Filtration Methods
    3. Purification Methods
  10. The System
  11. Prepare NOW
    1. Who Should Prepare for a Water Emergency?
    2. How to Begin Preparation
  12. Where to Find The Parts and Tools – Quick Online Buy Guide

The program is packed into one singular manual, making it easy to access the information you need wherever you are. For example, if you’re worried about a potential water crisis or find yourself in a position where you have to decontaminate groundwater, or build your own renewable water source, it’s all in there for you. The purification methods in “Treating Water” are really quite interesting too! Great skills to have, especially if you’re a survivalist or outdoorsman (or woman).  

water freedom system table of contents
The program guide’s table of contents.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

The best advantage of using the Water Freedom System is that you learn essential skills for survival. This, of course, includes a tutorial for building your own clean water source, as well as so much more. Everything there is to know about using water for survival is provided, including topics about water sourcing, potential crisis, decontamination, DIY filtration systems and so much more. It’s the one program you’ll want to have if things go sour or a natural disaster roars through your area and contaminates the water system. The digital version also ensures everything is readily available to you on your tech devices, so you don’t have to search for a textbook in the case of an emergency or carry a big book around with you while building your water generator.

The system is also backed by a money back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

Disadvantages of the Program

The program is only available in a digital PDF eBook. Secondly, although the program guides you step-by-step on what to do and how to assemble the device, having some basic knowledge on using handy tools will make everything easier.


Water Freedom System is an online program that teaches you how to create your own natural drinking water source using a simple condensation principle. Only minimal space is needed to create the device, and it can be done easily without any prior experience as you’re provided with easy steps to follow from start to finish. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee also allows you to give the program a try risk-free for two months.

Download Water Freedom System PDF


Will the water system need electricity for it to work?

Yes, the renewable clean drinking water system does need a power source for the pump and other components to run. Fortunately, the power requirements are minimal and something as simple as a basic generator or some solar energy panels will suffice.device power required

Where does the clean drinking water come from?

The program uses a simple condensation principle that many of us learned in grade school. As a quick reminder, this principle sources the water from air humidity (condensation). It is similar to distilled water.

How easy is it to assemble the water source device?

The program provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of easily assembling your water source device without confusion. It can also be built in a day’s time.
Finished Product

Are the materials easy to get and affordable?

Almost all of the materials can be found at your local hardware store or online, making it really easy to get them. The device also uses affordable materials that won’t break the bank.

Is the clean drinking water device safe?

Yes, since the program uses the condensation principle, the water produced should be safe to drink. However, for extra reassurance, the program also teaches you DIY decontamination methods so you can put the water through an extra filtration process if you choose.

Download Water Freedom System PDF

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