All You Need to Know about Chikungunya

Chikungunya can be spread via mosquitoes. This virus was discovered for the first time in 1952. Since then, it is a common cause of joint pain and fever in many areas of the globe. Two species of mosquitoes are responsible for spreading the virus - Aedes albopictus and Aedes infectedi - both found in subtropical and tropical regions. Chikungunya is named after a Makonde word that means "that which bends upward", and refers to the downward-sloping posture caused by joint pain.

What's Chikungunya?

Chikungunya can be spread via mosquitoes. This RNA virus is part of the Togaviridae genus Alphavirus. Chikungunya symptoms include headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting and rash. The most serious symptom is joint pain, which can be severe and last up to a few months. Sometimes, long-lasting and disabling joint pain can occur. Chikungunya is not a treatable condition. The Treatment is supportive and involves fluids and pain reliefrs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

It is widespread across Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. However, it recently spread to Europe and other regions of the globe, such as the Caribbean and Americas. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there were over 1. 7 million cases of Chikungunya in 2018 worldwide. Many cases are not reported and the true number is probably much greater.

Chikungunya: Common Causes

Chikungunya can be caused by an infected mosquito bite. The virus is spread by mosquito bites in subtropical and tropical areas of the globe. You should use mosquito repellent and wear long sleeves and trousers to prevent being bit. It is also possible for mosquitoes to spread the disease to others. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you take preventative measures.

Common Treatments for Chikungunya

Chikungunya is not a specific condition. The treatment is supportive, which includes fluids and pain reliefrs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If you experience any severe symptoms, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Chikungunya may cause complications like meningoencephalitis and Hepatitis in rare instances.

Physical therapy, in addition to medication, can be used to reduce joint pain and increase mobility. Massage, stretching and heat are all good options. You can reduce muscle weakness and fatigue as well as difficulty in coordination with physical therapy.

Chikungunya Expert or Professional Opinions

Experts are unanimous in their belief that Chikungunya should be treated seriously. Avoiding mosquito bites is the best way to protect yourself from infection. Wearing long sleeves and trousers, using insect repellents and remaining indoors as much as possible are some of the best ways to prevent infection. Also, it is important to get rid of standing water as this can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that people traveling to areas where chikungunya may be present to take additional precautions. Wearing protective clothing and repellent is a good idea. Although vaccines are in development at the moment, they are still not available.

Tips and Natural Remedies for Prevention

Chikungunya can be reduced by lifestyle and natural treatments. They include:

This can reduce your risk of contracting chikungunya or other mosquito-borne diseases. If you have symptoms of Chikungunya, it is important that you seek medical care immediately.


Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus, is transmitted by mosquitoes. The virus can lead to joint pain and fever. There is no treatment. To reduce the chance of getting infected, prevention is crucial. It is essential to avoid insect bites, use repellent and wear protective clothing. You can reduce your risk by using natural remedies or lifestyle modifications. It is crucial to get medical help if you have symptoms of Chikungunya.

Chikungunya, in conclusion is not something to be taken lightly. The best way to lower the chance of getting infected is to avoid mosquito bites. Chikungunya can easily be controlled with proper treatment and prevention.